Epic Korean 2 Chapter 8-1: Please look at the map here. 여기 지도를 보세요.

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저기there거기over there (near the listener)이쪽this side/way저쪽that side/way그쪽that side/way (over there, close to the listener)경찰서police stationroad, street사거리intersection병원hospital신호등traffic signal약국drug store우체국post office은행bank편의점convenience store걷다 (걸어요)to walk듣다 (들어요)to listen to받다 (받아요)to receive, to get닫다 (닫아요)to closedoor가깝다to be close멀다to be faruh, um실례합니다.Excuse me.어떻게 가요?How (do I) get (to a place)?가마a Korean traditional palanquin병원이 집에서 멀어요.The hospital is far from home.편의점이 집에서 가까워요.The convenience store is close to home.저, 실례합니다. 여기에서 은행까지 어떻게 가요?Excuse me. How can I get to the bank from here?저기로 가세요.Please go that way.