AP Art History - Late 19th Century Art - Images and Vocabulary


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Realist Art
Burial at Ornans, Gustave Courbet, oil on canvas, 1849, realism
Rue Transnonain, Honoré Daumier, lithograph, 1834, realism
The Gleaners, Jean-François Millet, oil on canvas, 1857, realism
Luncheon on the Grass, Édouard Manet, oil on canvas, 1863, realism
Olympia, Édouard Manet, oil on canvas, 1863, realism
Plowing in the Nivernais, Rosa Bonheur, oil on canvas, 1849, realism
The Horse Fair, Rosa Bonheur, oil on canvas, 1853-55, realism
Snap the Whip, Winslow Homer, 1872, realism
The Gross Clinic, Thomas Eakins, oil on canvas, 1875, realism
The Banjo Lesson, Henry O. Tanner, oil on canvas, 1893, realism
Horse Jumping, Eadweard Muybridge, photograph, 1878, realism
Impressionist Art
Haystack at the Sunset near Giverny, Claude Monet, oil on canvas, 1891, impressionism
Rouen Cathedral, Claude Monet, oil on canvas, 1894, impressionism
Four Poplar Trees, Claude Monet, oil on canvas, 1891, impressionism
Le Moulin de la Galette, Pierre August Renoir, oil on canvas, 1876, impressionism
The Rehearsal on Stage, Edgar Degas, oil on canvas, 1874, impressionism
Bar at the Folies Bergere, Edouard Manet, oil on canvas, 1881-1882, impressionism
Villa at the Seaside, Berthe Morisot, oil on canvas, 1874, impressionism
Mother and child with a rose scarf, Mary Cassatt, oil on canvas, 1908, impressionism
Nocturne in black and gold: the falling rocket, James Whistler, oil on wood, 1875, impressionism
Post - Impressionist Art
At the Moulin Rouge, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, oil on canvas, 1892-1895, post-impressionism
The Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh, reed brush drawing, 1889, post-impressionism
Vision after the sermon, Paul Gauguin, oil on canvas, 1888, post-impressionism
Sunday afternoon on the Grand Jatte, Georges Seurat, oil on canvas, 1884-86, post-impressionism
Mount Saint-Victoire, Pal Cezanne, oil on canvas, 1902-1904, post-impressionism
A basket of apples, Paul Cezanne, oil on canvas, c. 1893, post-impressionism
The Sleeping Gypsy, Henri Rousseau, oil on canvas, 1897, symbolism
The Scream, Edvard Munch, tempera and casein on cardboard, 1893, symbolism
Art Nouveau
Casa Mila, Antonio Gaudi, Barcelona Spain, 1907, art nouveau
The Kiss, Gustav Klimt, oil on canvas, 1907-1908, art nouveau
Chicago windows on Daniel Burnham's Reliance Building, 1890-1894, Chicago
Marshall Field Warehouse, Henry H. Richardson, 1885-1887, Chicago
Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel, 1887-1889, Paris
Carson Pirie Scott Building, Louis Sullivan, 1899-1904, Chicago
The Guaranty Building, Louis Sullivan, 1894-1896, Buffalo
Adams Memorial, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, 1891, Washington
Shaw Memorial, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, 1897, Boston
Burghers of Calais, Auguste Rodin, 1994-1886, New York
an innovative group of artists who generally reject traditional approaches in favor of a more experimental technique
an attraction for Japanese art and artifacts that were imported into Europe in the late 19th century
a printmaking technique that uses a flat stone surface as a base. The artist draws an image with a special crayon that attracts ink. Paper, which absorbs the ink, is applied to the surface and a print emerges.
a movement begun in the late 19th century in which artists embraced the current at the expense of the traditional in both subject matter and in media. Modernist artists often seek to question the very nature of art itself.
painting in the outdoors to directly capture the effects of light and atmosphere on a given object.
a painting technique that uses small dots of color that are combined by the eye at a given distance.
a theory that expresses that all knowledge must come from proven ideas based on science or scientific theory. A philosophy promoted by French philosopher Auguste Comte.
Primitive or naive artist
an artist without formal training; a folk artist. Such as Henri Rousseau.
the supporting interior framework of a building.
a device that projects sequences of photographs to give the illusion of movement.