Epic Korean 3 Chapter 7-1: Do I need a visa to go to Korea? 한국에 가는데 비자가 필요할까요?

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넣다to put in도착하다/ 도착을 하다to arrive싸다to pack (luggage)예약하다/ 예약을 하다to reserve찾다to look for, to search, to find출발하다/ 출발을 하다to depart찾아보다to look up, to search for기온temperaturedegree바람wind습도humidity낮다to be low높다to be high(날씨가) 맑다to be clear(날씨가) 흐리다to be cloudy바람이 불다to be windy몇 도예요?What is the temperature?짐만 싸면 돼요.All I need to do is pack for the trip.(~이/가) 필요하다to be necessary, to be needed(~이/가) 필요 없다to be unnecessary, to be not needed서울은 오늘 몇 도예요?What is the temperature of Seoul today?30도예요. 아주 더워요.(It) is 30 degrees. (It) is very hot.여행 준비 다 했어요?Are you done with the trip preparation?짐만 싸면 돼요.(I) only need to pack.비자가 필요해요?Do you need a visa?아니요. 필요없어요.No. no need.와이파이Wi-Fi재미있겠어요!That would be fun!/ That sounds like fun!맛집 투어Gourmet Food Tour관광 안내소tourist information center

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