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History all 2nd test

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the church
during the renaissance the still has a strong influence on lives in western Europe
catholic church
most people in the renaissance are stillfollowing the of the catholic church in order to recive salvation.
a in the church
the catholic church changed during the
it became more and more tied with and power stuggles
men looked to th echurch more for gain and not spiritual things
corruption in the clergy of the catholic church was at this time
the the popes residence changed from a place of true worship to a place of parties featuring enormous banquets and immoral after-dinner entertainment
the schism great schism (1378-1418)
the Great Schism was an event that the catholic church in the late 14th century
an pope was elected pope after years of having French popes who lived in France
months after the election of the Italian pope the was declared invalid and another pope was elected who moved back to France
the church now had and they fought over who should be pope
the church concil of was finally able to restore the papacy after appointing a fourth man as pope
the Great Schism caused heresy to and dout and confusion cause many to break from the church
heresy is a teaching that did not with the teachings of the catholic church
those who disagreed with the with the church or held other were labeled heretics. heretics were persecuted during a time called the Inquistion
the Inquistion heretics until they confessed many differen tools were used to toture hertics
many heritics but many were still put to death even repenting those who refused to recant were burned at the stake, hange,or beheaded
many blacks,muslims,ang as well as christians who rejected Roman catholic church teachings were put to death
over time the inquistion became an excuse for any to rid his country of people who did not agree with him and minorites including the handicapped and the mentally ill
a new emphasis
with the new interest in knowledge also comes a new on mans abilites
the of was the favorite subject of the Renaissance men
renaissance men reconized that humans have abilites that do not have (humans can think,reason,write,speak,and create art)
renaissance men belived that these showed glory of man,Gods finest creation
this emphasis on man reconized as creator but they stressed man's individual abilites and talets more
renaissance sculpture is like the of romans and greeks some renaissance scultors even imitated the works of greek and romans masters
renaissance man
medieval man and these people looked at life and lived their lives differently
medieval world
their world was a place of toil and sadness the only hope was to someday go to heaven
renaissance world
growth of trade and towns increased wealth people paid for freedom they believed God created people world was bright and exciting
medieval learning
very little education men would train for priest even kings did not know how to read
renaissance learning
people hired private teacher only bots went to academies many hours were spent reading classical writers subjects tough were humanities
literature of renaissance
many scholars wrote in Latin many people did not understand Latin before they wrote in their native languages
native languages
Italian German French English
vernacular writers
they used Latin but more people used vernacular they followed four famous writers
Italian writer wrote divine comedy it was a long poem records his image of hell purgatory and then heaven it was a great work of literature
English writer wrote Canterbury Tales best work they are several stories image a group going on a pilgrimage reflects life in England
Italian writer wrote both in Latin and Italian spread ideas of humanism he was known as father of renaissance humanism
William Shakespeare
English writer greatest writer in the renaissance wrote many poems remembered for his plays Romeo and Juliet,Hamlet, and Julius Caesar 3 of his 37
printing press
Johannes Gutenberg would develop the better way to write
Johannes Gutenberg
invented marble type printing press
how bones and muscles work
making faces,bodies,and clothes darker painting nearer objects lighter and farther areas darker it made them look round it started in the renaissance
it would make objects look far away ability to give depth from the new study
medieval paintings have no background at all or background that are flat and distorted
the renaissance began in ------ on the continent of Europe it began in and Italian city called Florence.
after it's begginings in Florence it spred throughout
the renaissance affects the same that have been affecyed by the revival of towns
most of in the late middle ages or the renaissance peiod are still coming out of the fudal system. most are still being ruled by a king.
In Italian cities (Florence,Pisa,Genoa,Milan,Venice) many of the townspeople have become so weathy that the town has gained complete freedom from a king or lord.
the northern
They generally rule themselves as in a type of republic.
Many of the in the northern Italian city-states are merchantes or traders.
These northern city-states have gained a on trade in the mediterranean.
if Europeans want goods from the goods must go through Italians. Because of this, the Italians have become extemely wealthy.