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Notes for exam 1

Ovid's Metamorphoses

What does the following describe? Written later time than Hesiod, Chaos was an unstructured mass


A common theme in myth was that men was molded to the likeness of _____


Men were created out of ______, animals

To stand erect and look at the stars

Why were men given a towering head?

Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus

Iapetus and Clemene's children were?


Prometheus is forethought, while Epimethus is _______


Who frees Prometheus from the punishment given by Zeus?

He stole fire from Zeus to give back to mankind

What did Prometheus do to have his liver get eaten daily by a giant eagle only to have it grow back the next day?


The story of Prometheus involves a trick he plays on Zeus. He offers Zeus two options for offerings to the gods. Zeus got tricked by taking the offering with the glistening fat with bones inside; while Prometheus got men the stomach with _____ inside.

The gods favored the smell of the bones while the usage of meat would be pointless

Even though Zeus got tricked, it would make sense for the gods to have bones offered to them rather than meat, why is that?

From lightning

After Zeus takes fire from men, how did men obtain fire?

With a giant funnel/fennel with coal

How did Prometheus steal the fire?

He sent Pandora upon men and eternally punished him by chaining him to a rock and have his liver eaten daily

What does Zeus do after Prometheus steals the fire?


One of the two curses/banes set by Zeus was the introduction of women into mankind. If you were poor and have a wife, she would _______; if you were rich, she would have some other troubles.

The god of fire Ambidexter

Who created the modest maiden Pandora, using Zeus' design?

Men could not live without women

What was the second curse?

He gives her to Epimetheus, his brother

What does Prometheus do to avoid the gift of women, more specifically Pandora?


Pandora is considered to be all ______


T/F Pandora includes all evils: war, illness, dishonesty


What is left inside Pandora's box?

unavailable, no hope for men

One opinion on women, the jar, interprets hope as being readily available, while another opinion interprets hope as ____________

Bee, loving, children, bright, graceful, etc.

Poet Semonides of Amongos accounts women in the 7th century. He uses many animals to represent different types of women such as pig, fox, dog, earth, 2-faced, ass, weasel, horse with flowing hair, ape, etc. Which type of women was most rare?

Hesiod does not flatter women, but actually thought bees were lazy, sits in the hive and eats honey

How does Hesiod differ from Semonides in the representation of women as bees?

They were illiterate

What is one reason that works by women did not survive?

Negative because they were not well understood

How were the views on women and why?


Other reasons for negative views on women include biology, experience, and the mother knows the _______, meaning she has power


T/F Women were allowed to leave the house without men


T/F Women married older men

festivals; funerals

Women were allowed to go to ________ and ________

The age of gold

What was the first race/age according to Hesiod?


Who was king of heavens during the age of gold?

The first, age of gold

Which age does the following describe? Men lived like gods, were carefree, no toil or misery, unaffected by old age, hands/feet unchanged, died in sleep, soil bore fruits easily, good designs by Zeus, goods spirits, watchers over mortal men, bestowers of earth, kingly honour

Jungian, of archetypes, recognized by all of us

What type of theory does the golden age exemplify?

The age of silver

What was the second race/age according to Hesiod?

The second, age of silver

Which age does the following describe? Did not resemble the golden age in body or disposition, a boy stayed with his mother and in suffering due to witlessness, crimes against each other, did not serve or sacrifice the immortals, put away by Zeus, called the mortal blessed below, second in rank, still had honour

The age of bronze

What was the third race/age according to Hesiod?

The third, age of bronze

Which age does the following describe? Did not resemble the silver age, men made of ash-trees, terrible and fierce, occupied by war (Ares), violent, stern-hearts made of adament, bronze armor, houses, etc., dark iron unavailable, dark death

The age of heroes

What was the fourth race/age according to Hesiod?

The fourth, age of heroes

Which age does the following describe? Righteous, noble, godly race, demigods, war destroyed them, some were granted life away from men at the ends of the world (Isles of the Blessed Ones), honey fruits there

The age of iron

What was the fifth race/age according to Hesiod?

The fifth, age of iron

Which age does the following describe? Toil and misery, constant distress, gods gave them harsh troubles, good mixed with ill, at birth turn out grey, unfriendly to all, disrespectful to all, fist-law fighters, no appreciation, honor the miscreant and the criminal, no help against evil


How many ages of men does Ovid propose?

The first, age of gold

Which age does the following describe? (OVID) own free wills, no law, trusted, right, no war, peaceful, earth untouched, natural resources supplied, Spring was the only season

When Saturn was thrown into Tartarus, Jupiter seized control and created the silver age

How did the golden age move on to the silver age (OVID)?

The second, age of silver

Which age does the following describe? (OVID) meaner than gold, higher than bronze, four seasons, sky glowed a white heat, wild winds, shelter needed, farming needed

The third, age of bronze

Which age does the following describe? (OVID) cruel, menacing, used weapons, but not vile

The fourth, age of iron

Which age does the following describe? (OVID) opened floodgates, evil, no loyalty or truth or conscience, guile, deception, force, criminal, explorers, god's treasures dug out, Grim War, unsafe, wicked, no duty to gods

hides; steals; Pandora; chaining

FITB Prometheus plays trick of offerings on Zeus. Zeus _______ fire. Prometheus _______ it back for mankind. Zeus sends the gift of ________ to mankind and eternally punishes Prometheus by ________ him to a rock.

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