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Social Studies unit test european exploration (Terrell)

"wrap it up questions" on pg.49
Ocean currents played an important role in exploration. The best way European sailors learned to handle ocean currents was by______?
riding with them
Vasco da Gama found the first all-water route to Asia. What country did he sail for?
Which explorer laid the basis for Spanish claims in the Americas?
Christopher Columbus
The voyage of Ferdinand Magellan was the first to_____________?
circumnavigate the globe
Australia and New Zealand are in the southern Pacific Ocean. Which nation claimed these lands?
What inventions helped early European explorers navigate at sea?
rudder, compass, astrolobe
Europeans learned about the astrolobe through contact with__________?
arab traders
The compass used a magnetized needle to help determine__________?
News of the invention of gunpowder traveled from China westward by way of the_____?
the silk road
European explorers first used gunpowder to take enslaved captives in______?
West Africa
Which Spanish conqueror captured the Inca Empire in South America?
Francisco Pizzaro
Which European countries built plantation colonies in what is now the Southeastern region of the United States?
Spain, France and England
Trading post empires were the most loosely controlled settlements. The largest trading post empire in North America was built by_____?
Plantation colonies usually prospered in warm climates. Based on this information, where do you think France established its plantation colonies?
West Indies
What did English colonist do to Native Americans?
Pushed them off their lands
In what is now New England, English settlers mostly built_____?
settler colonies
When English settlers came to North America, they demanded______?
self government
Which groups did the African Slave trade take part in?
African kingdoms, Muslim traders and European traders
Which nation used enslaved Africans to become the world's largest sugar producer in the 1600s?
What are some things that played an important role in the triangular trade?
enslaved Africans, molasses, guns
At first, Europeans tried to solve the labor shortage by using_____?
native americans
The biggest forced migration of people in history took place out of ______?
Enslaved Africans protested bondage in all of the following ways:
running away, rebelling, taking control of slave ships
What countries were directly involved in the Columbian exchange?
Africa, North American and Europe
What was the goal of mercantilism?
acquire gold and silver through trade
Capitalism works in part, on the principle of supply and demand. What is supply and demand?
as demand goes up, prices go up
What is the biggest difference between capitalism and mercantilism?
it wanted to keep government out of business