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capital city of the Eastern Roman Empire

Byzantine Empire

last surviving part of the Eastern Roman Empire

Orthodox Church

Christians in the Eastern Roman Empire who didn't believe that the pope should make decisions for the whole church

Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Church that follows the Pope

The Great Schism

the split between the Eastern and Roman Church

Date of the Great Schism

1054 AD


leaders of the Eastern Orthodox Church

Why did Rome divide?

it got too large to protect

Why did the Roman Church divide?

the western half wanted to follow the pope and the eastern didn't

Hagia Sophia

the largest church in Constantinople

Why did Justinian want to go to Constantinople?

to go to school

What did Justinian do when he became Emperor?

sent his army to conquer lands that were once ruled by Rome, Italy, Africa, Spain and all those around the sea

Justinian's problem

all the lands he conquered followed different laws

Theodora's help

encouraged her husband to stay and fight, that's why Justinian rarely made a decision without her


picture made by by arranging colored pieces into a pattern


a person with a close relationship to God, Roman Catholics believe saints have to have done a miracle

Code of Justinian

the unified laws he came up with like:everyone can go to the beach or river, finders keepers, you could own slaves but you couldn't beat them, if you're trimming a tree you must yell it out, preachers must be loud enough to hear!

Byzantine Empire Location

around the Mediterranean Sea

Justinian became Emperor in what year?

527 AD

Wife of Justinian :name and previous occupation



names of pieces of a mosaic


ways of worshiping in a religion

Santa's real name and date

Nicholas or St. Nicholas, Jan. 6 which is also the Epiphany-day the wise men visited Jesus

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