Epic Korean 3 Chapter 4-1: I couldn't go to school because I caught a cold. 감기에 걸려서 학교에 가지 못했어요.

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footstomach어깨shoulderarm감기cold마스크mask사과applemedicinetea기침하다/기침을 하다to cough감기에 걸리다to catch a cold감기가 낫다to recover from a cold넘어지다to fall down, to trip다치다to get hurt, to be injured목이 붓다to have a sore throat병원에 가다to go to a hospital, to see a doctor보건실에 가다to go to the nurse's office(-에) 알레르기가 있다to be allergic (to)열이 있다, 열이 나다to have a fever콧물이 나다to have a runny nose낫다(나아요)to get better붓다(부어요)to swell (up), to become swollenimmediately, soon빨리quickly고맙습니다.Thank you.빨리 나으세요.Get well soon.아야!Ouch!어떡해요!Oh, dear!저런!Oh no!아야!Ouch!괜찮아요?Are you okay?어제 넘어져서 팔을 다쳤어요.I fell yesterday and injured my arm.저런! 많이 아파요?Oh dear! Does it hurt a lot?감기에 걸렸어요. 열이 나고 기침도 많이 해요.I have a cold. I have a fever and cough a lot.어떡해요! 빨리 병원에 가세요.Oh, no! You should go to the hospital quickly.