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four groups

carbs, proteins, lipids, nucleic acids

building block for carbs


function for carbs

living things main energy source

four types of carbs

sugar/starch. cellulose, glycogen, chitin

building block for nucleic acids


three parts of necleotides

deoxyribose sugar, nitrogen base, phosphate group

purpose of nucleic acids

to store and transmit genetic information

2 types of nucleic acids


building block for protein

amino acids

function for protein

to catalyze chemical reactions and build muscles

building blocks for lipids


two types of lipids

saturated fats, unsaturated fats

function of lipids

used to store energy

organic compounds all contain...

the element carbon


basic unit of matter

subatomic particles that make up atoms

neutrons, protons, electrons

organic molecules

contains carbon, come from things that were once alive


building block, many large molecules are made of them




attraction between molecules of the same substance


attraction between molecules of a different substance

universal solvent

water, dissolves nutrients or sugar into our bloodstream


compounds made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen


tough structural material found in plant cell walls

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