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Dip your lights when you'reFollowing another vehicle and meeting another vehicle coming towards youWhat break should you use if you're queening in traffic at nightUse your handbrake rather than keeping your foot on the break, as your brake lights could dazzle drivers behind youWhat is A safe distance to keep from the vehicle in frontIn good, dry conditions, leave a two-second gap and in wet weather leave a four-second gapWhat should you use to help measure the gap between you and the vehicle in frontUse a fixed point like a road signWhat are the different types of crossing?Zebra, pelican, puffin and toucan crossingIf you're approaching a pelican crossing and the amber light is flashing what do you do?Give way to the pedestrians on the crossing and don't move off until the crossing is clearWhat does tailgating mean?Following another vehicle too closelyWhat type of emergency vehicle is fitted with a green flashing beacon?Doctor's carWho should obey diamond-shaped traffic signs?Tram driversWhen should you flash your headlights at other road usersWhen letting them know that you're thereWhat can a loose filler cap on your diesel fuel tank cause?It can make roads slippery for other road usersAfter refuelling your vehicle, what should you do to avoid spillageCheck that the filler cap is securely fastenedYou're driving at night on an unlit road, following another vehicle. What should you do?Use dipped headlightsUnder-inflated tyres can cause what?Make steering feel heavy, increase fuel consumption. Increase your stopping distanceWhat happens if your brake fluid is low?Air may enter the system and the brakes won't work properlyThe read on car tyres must be at least how many mm deep around the entire circumference1.6 mmWhat is dry steering?Dry steering is when you turn the steering wheel while the car isn't moving and this will cause damage to your tyresWhat is brake fade?It is when the brakes become less effective because of overheating. It may happen if you use them continuously, such as on a long, steep downhill stretch of road- use a lower gear to help you control the vehicle's speedIn a vehicle where will you find the catalytic converter?Exhaust systemBalancingThe wheels will need balancing if the steering vibrates. Balancing makes sure that the wheels and tyres are adjusted to minimise any vibrations in the vehicleIf you're driving in poor visibility, such as fog or heavy rain, what type of headlights should you use?Dipped headlightsIf there's thick fog what type of headlights should you use?Use fog lights but remember to switch them off when visibility improvesWhen should you use your hazard warning lights?When you've broken down or queuing traffic on a dual carriageway or motorway not as an excuse to park illegallyIn an automatic car, kick-down is the mechanism for whatIt gives quick acceleration when needed; for example to overtakeIn some towns & cities you may see red lines on the side of the road what does this indicate?Red Routes and they help the traffic flow by restricting stopping on these routesThe fluid level in your battery is low. What should you top it up with?Distilled waterYou're parked on the road at night. Where must you use parking lights?Where the speed limit exceeds 30 mphYou need to top up your battery. What level should you fill it to?Just above the cell platesIf the symbol of a circle with an exclamation mark comes on while you're driving what does it mean?A fault in the braking systemWhat can cause excessive or uneven tyre wear?Faults in suspensionYou're testing your suspension. You notice that your vehicle keeps bouncing when you press down on the front wing. What does this mean?Worn shock absorbersDouble white lines where the line nearest to you is broken means whatYou may cross the lines to overtake if it is safe, provided you can complete the manoeuvre before reaching a solid white line on your sideDouble white lines where the line nearest to you is solid means whatMeans you must not cross or straddle unless it is safe and you need to enter adjoining premises or a side roadIf an area of white diagonal stripes/ chevrons is bordered by a broken white line what does this mean?You should not enter the area unless it is necessary and you can see it is safe to do soIf an area of white diagonal stripes/ chevrons is bordered by solid white lines what does this mean?MUST NOT enter it except in an emergencyWhite reflective road studs mark?Lanes/ middle of the roadRed reflective road studs mark?Left edge of the roadAmber reflective road studs mark?Central reservation of dual carriageway/ motorwayGreen reflective road studs mark?Edge of main carriageway at lay-bys and slip roadsGreen/hello reflective road studs mark?Temporary adjustments to lane layouts e.g. road worksWhat are climbing/ crawler lanes used for?Use this lane if you are driving a slow-moving vehicle or if there are vehicles behind you wishing to overtake. Be aware fo the signs & road markings which indicate that the lane is about to endWhat is a contra flow system?Where one or more lanes have a direction of traffic against against that of the rest of the carriagewayWhat's the main cause of skidding?The driverYou're turning left on a slippery road. What should you do if the back of your vehicle slides to the right?Steer carefully to the rightWhen approaching a right-hand bend, you should keep well to the left. Why is this?To improve your view of the roadWhat will help when you're trying to move off on snow?Use a higher gear than normalWhat should you do when parking your vehicle facing downhill?Turn the steering wheel towards the kerb will allow them as a chock, preventing any forward movement of the vehicleWhat does driving a vehicle with anti-lock brakes allow you to do?Steer and brake harshly at the same timeYou're driving a vehicle that has anti-lock brakes. How should you apply the foot brake when you need to stop in an emergency?Rapidly and firmlyYou're driving along a wet road. How can you tell if your vehicle's tyres are losing their grip on the surface?The steering will feel very lightHow can you use your vehicle's engine as a brake?When driving on downhill stretches of road, selecting a lower gear gives increased engine brakingWhen will anti-lock brakes take effect?When the wheels are about to lock?There's a slow-moving vehicle spreading salt on the road. What colour beacon would this slow-moving vehicle have?AmberWhere would you expect to see red and yellow markers?These markers must be fitted to vehicles over 13 metres long, large goods vehicles and rubbish skips placed in the roadYou're following a slower-moving vehicle on a narrow country road. There's a junction just ahead on the right. What should you do?You should NEVER overtake as you approach a junction. If a vehicle emerged from the junction while you were overtaking, a dangerous situation could develop very quicklyYou're on a dual carriageway. Ahead, you see a vehicle with an amber flashing light. What could this be?An amber flashing light on a vehicle indicates that it's slow-movingYou're driving towards a level crossing what are the different signs of warning of an approaching train?The steady amber light will be followed by twin flashing red lights that mean you must stopYou see a pedestrian carrying a white stick with a red band. What does this tell you?They're deaf and blindWhy should you look particularly for motorcylists and cyclists at junctions?They're harder to seeAt night, you see a pedestrian wearing reflective clothing and carrying a bright red light. What does this mean?You're approaching an organised walkYou're following two cyclists. They approach a roundabout in the left-hand lane. In which direction should you expect the cyclists to go?any directionWhere should you never overtake a cyclist?Just before you turn leftWhat's the difference between contraflow and with-flow?Contraflow means going agains the normal traffic and with-flow means travelling in the same directionWhat's the maximum speed of powered wheelchairs or scooters used by disabled people?8mphYou're towing a caravan. Which is the safest type of rear-view to use?Need to fit extended- arm side mirrors so that you can see clearly behind and down both sides of the caravan or trailerIf you decide to cross a depth gauge when there's been heavy rainfall what should you do?Use a low gear, drive through slowly, test your brakes afterwardsWhy should you never use front or near fog lights unless visibility is seriously reduced because?They can dazzle other road users, road users behind you won't be able to see your brake lights clearly, so they may not react in time to stop safely and road users behind may mistake your fog lights for brake lights and slow unnecessarilyWhat is coasting?Driving with the clutch down or in neutral for any length of time (coasting) reduces your control of your car, especially steering and braking. This is particularly dangerous when you're travelling downhill, as your vehicle will speed up when there's no engine brakingEngine brakingUsing the engine's resistance to help slow the vehicleWhat gear should you use when driving down a steep hill?Select a lower gear and the engine will act as a break. This helps avoid your brakes from overheating and becoming less effectiveWhat gear should you use driving up a steep hill?The engine has to work harder. Changing down to a lower gear will help prevent the engine struggling as it delivers the power needed to climb the hillWhat do rumble devices (raised markings across the road) warn you of?A hazard, such as a roundabout, and to encourage you to reduce your speedThe area used by trams in cities are marked by what?It may be edged with white line markingsBefore overtaking a large vehicle, you should keep well back. Why is this?To get the best view of the road aheadWhat's the national motorway speed limit for the vehicle and caravan?60 mphWhat should you do if you park on the road when it's foggy?Leave side lights switched onYou're driving on a motorway at night. When may you switch off your headlights?When your vehicle is broken down on the hard shoulder. If you break down and have to use the hard shoulder, switch off your headlights but leave your sidelights onWhat is coasting?Coasting is when you allow the vehicle to freewheel in neutral or with the clutch pedal depressedWhen may you overtake another vehicle on the left?When you're in a one-way streetWhen will you feel the effects of the engine breaking?When you're in lower gearWhen the countdown markers on the left-hand verge on a motorway what is it showing?It shows that you're approaching the next exitWhat's the speed limit of a vehicle towing a trailer on the motorway?60 mph. They also aren't allowed to travel in the right-hand lane of a motorway with three or more lanes unless there are lane closuresMandatory speed limitThe maximum speed at which you may travelWhen smart motorways/ active traffic management (ATM) are in use to reduce congestion what is used?Mandatory speed limit signs will show on the gantries to keep traffic speed constant so that it is less likely to bunch upTraffic officers operate on motorways and some primary routes in England. What are they authorised to do?Stop and direct anyone on the motorway. They don't have enforcement powers and recognised by an orange-and-yellow jacket & vehicle has yellow and black markingsYou've had a breakdown on the hard shoulder of a motorway. When the Problem has been fixed, how should you rejoin the carriageway?Gain speed on the hard shoulder before moving out onto the carriagewayWhat should you do when driving or riding along a motorway?Look much further ahead than you would on other roadsYou're on a motorway and there are red flashing lights above every lane. What should you do?Stop and waitWhy is it particularly important to carry out a check on your vehicle before making a long motorway journey?Continuous high speeds increase the risk of your vehicle breaking downYou're on a motorway. There's a contra flow system ahead what do you expect to find?Lower speed limitsWhat is the national speed limit on a single carriageway road for cars and vehicles towing a trailer?Cars it's 60 mph and with trailers it's 50 mphWhen there are street lights, what's the normal speed limit for vehicles?30 mphWhat's the speed limit for built-up areas?30 mphWhen should you never reverse?For longer than you have to and from a side road into a main roadWhat is a level crossing?A level crossing is where a railway line crosses the roadIf you have to park on a road at night what must you do?You must leave your parking lights on if the speed limit on that road is over 30 mphWhat is clearway?A stretch of road or street where stopping isn't allowedWhen may you overtake on a one-way street?On either the right or the leftWhat's the nearest you may park to a junction?10 metresYou're on a road which is only wide enough to fit one vehicle. A car is coming towards you what do you do?Pull into a passing place on your leftWhat would the normal centre white-line markings be on a single carriageway?Short flashes with long spacesWhat do blue circle road signs mean?They give an instruction or show which sort of road user can use a routeWhat do red rings or circles tell you?Red rings or circles tell you what you mustn't doYou claim on your insurance to have your car repaired. Your policy has an excess of £100 what does this mean?Having an excess on your policy will help keep the premium down. However, if you make a claim you will have to pay the excess yourselfWhat is a MOT?A MOT test makes sure your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards. Cars MUST first have an MOT test when they're three years old and MOT certificates are valid for one yearWhich lights must you use if you're driving on a well lit motorway at night?HeadlightsWhich colour follows the green signal at a puffin crossing?Steady amberYour vehicle has an anti-braking lock system. How should you apply the brakes in an emergency?Rapidly and firmlyYou're turning right onto a dual carriageway. What should you do before emerging?Make sure that the central reservation is wide enough for your vehicleWhat does it mean if you see a pedestrian with a dog that's wearing a yellow or burgundy coat?The pedestrian is deaf