First Semester Final 2021-22 social studies

What does the concept of balance and separation of powers in the US Constitution refer to? (Separation of powers between ... )
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During World War II, Japanese American citizens were sent to relocation camps. Under what principle of American democracy does the government have this ability?The principle of Majority Rule and Minority RightsWhat is the Rule of Law as it relates to the federal government?The theory that everyone should obey the laws the government passesIn a presidential form of government, who elects the head of the executive branch?Elected independently by the citizensIn which founding document can we best see the principle of the Social Contract Theory in action?The Declaration Of IndependenceAccording to the Declaration of Independence, and other founding documents, who gives the government the power to exist?The PeopleFor which reason is the Magna Carta most important? (What happened, for the first time?)It puts limits on the monarch's powers.What was the first example of a written agreement of colonial self-government in the British colonies in America?The Mayflower CompactWhat was James Madison's main point in his Federalist 47, the Federalist Papers?The American government should be structured to include a separation of powersThe Articles of Confederation represented America's distrust of what?A strong central governmentWhat did the Virginia Plan support? (and, was this plan for or against a weak national government?)Representation based on population, and the legislature would choose the executive and the judiciary.Which states did the New Jersey plan support?Small StatesWhat was the original purpose of the Constitutional Convention?To revise the Articles Of ConfederationWhat did the Federalists' support in relation to the ratification of the constitution?A strong federal government that shares powers with the statesHow did the Constitutional Convention delegates resolve the issue of Southern representation in Congress?Every five enslaved persons would count as three- fifths of a personThe Great Compromise was a compromise between what two plans?The Virginia and New Jersey PlansDue to the separation of powers, the legislative branch makes _laws_______, the executive branch ______veto_______ laws, and the judicial branch may decide that a _____ is ___unconstituional____________.How does the US Constitution guarantee popular sovereignty?Citizens are granted the right to vote in government electionsWhat does the Necessary and Proper Clause (also known as the ______________ Clause) allow Congress to do?Elastic: to adapt its power to meet the needs of the countryWho has the final authority for interpreting the meaning of the US Constitution?The U.S Supreme CourtWhat does Article II of the US Constitution provide?It outlines the law- enforcing powers of the executive branchWhat does bicameral mean, in relation to our government?Made up of two houses; a bicameral legislatureWhen can a (good-standing) citizen's First Amendment rights be limited or even taken away?When the safety of the public is placed in jeopardyIn which Amendment can you find the Establishment Clause (separation of church and state)?First AmendmentWhat do Amendments IV-VIII deal with?The rights of the accusedWhich 'principle' was established in the US Supreme Court case Marbury v. Madison (1803)?The principle of judicial reviewThe decision in Miranda v Arizona (1966) more clearly defined which constitutional issue?Protection from self incriminationWhat does Amendment VIII state in regard to the types of punishments that should be handed down for crimes committed?Punishments should be in proportion to the crimes commitedWhich amendment protects from "unreasonable searches and seizures?"Amedment 4In which amendment can you find the concept and meaning of 'double jeopardy?' What is double jeopardy?Amendment 5 Inability to be tried for the same crime twiceWhat did the US Supreme Court case of Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier give school administrators the authority to do?The authority to censor school newspapersWhich US Supreme Court case strengthened students' freedom of expression in schools?Tinker v. Des MoinesWhich amendment allows people accused of crimes to be able to have an attorney 'afforded' to them?Gideon vs. WainwrightLimited government occurs in our country because of which founding document (which outlines our government and restricts its powers)?The U.S ConstituonWhat are expressed powers and what was the example given in Unit IV?Expressed: Powers specifically for the federal government Example: Coinage MoneyWhat are concurrent powers and what was the example given in Unit IV?Concurrent: Powers shared by both the federal and state governments Example: Collect taxesDue to the concept of federalism, what happens when state law conflicts with federal law?Constituional law will be upheldWhat is federalism and what does state constitutions represent? (Division of...)It represents the division of power between the federal and state governmentsWhat two constitutional principles did the US Supreme Court case McCulloch v. Maryland establish?National supremecy and implied powersHow have third parties most often contributed to US politics?By causing major parties to adopt their ideasWhat are the major functions of political parties?To ensure the good performance of their elected canidatesWhat is the role of a lobbyist?To try to influence government officialsWhat is the party 'platform'?The series of declarations that detail a political partys position on issues and electionsWhat kind of organization can legally solicit campaign contributions from individuals and then funnel those donations to candidates for political office?PACS- political action committesWhat is the primary goal of interest groups? (To influence...)Influence public policyWhich political party currently reflects the conservative voter's view?Republican partyWhich political party currently reflects the liberal voter's view?Democatic partyThe United States currently operates in what type of party system?Multi party systemWhat was the best example of grassroots mobilization, as mentioned in Unit 5?Public demonstrations59-62. Which major political party has an elephant for a mascot, favors the 2nd Amendment, favors Judicial Activism, and favors having fewer government programs?Republican partyWhich major political party has a donkey for a mascot, opposes the 2nd Amendment, favors tax cuts for the poor, favors having more government programs, and supports womens' right to choose?Democratic PartyWhat is the Electoral College? How many electors does it contain?It is made up of 538 electors from the 50 states and the District Of ColumbiaWhich term refers to donations given to political parties and not designated for a specific campaign?Soft MoneyWhat does it mean to vote for a split ticket?Situations in which an individual votes for the candidates of one political party as well as the canidates of other political partiesWhy are national conventions no longer the setting for choosing a political party's presidential candidate?Primary Elections determine the partys candidateIn a general election, voters choose...A candidate for all government officesA presidential election is won by the candidate who receives270 or more of electoral votesWhen a candidate wins the popular vote in a state he gets all of the states electoral votes because of what type of 'system'?A winner take all systemWhat are the three functions of being the "watchdog?"To serve as loyal opposition To listen to the public To critiicize the other political party as needed.