Epic Korean 4 Chapter 6: 인터넷으로 프로젝트 자료도 찾고 게임도 하잖아.

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인플루언서influencer1인 미디어personal broadcasting콘텐츠contentSNSsocial networking service, social media구독하다/구독을 하다to subscribe감정emotion문제problem이모티콘emoticon악플malicious comment이유reason걱정하다/걱정을 하다to worry놀라다to be surprised달다to write (a comment)사귀다to make (a friend)사용하다/사용을 하다to use소통하다/소통을 하다to communicate조심하다/조심을 하다to watch out, to be careful줄이다to reduce중독되다/중독이 되다to get addicted증가하다/증가를 하다to increase표현하다/표현을 하다to express다양하다to be various, to be diverse약속appointment, promise계속continuously평균average, mean주로mainly, mostly정도about좋은 생각이야!That's a great idea!

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