Epic Korean 4 Chapter 5: 프로젝트 제출했니?

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파일file온라인online끊기다to be cut off넣다to put in, to insert문자하다/문자를 하다to text이용하다/이용을 하다to use, to take advantage of마감일due date자료data, reference주제topic프로젝트project가입하다/가입을 하다to join검색하다/검색을 하다to search내려받다to download다운로드하다/다운로드를 하다to download발표하다/발표를 하다to present올리다to upload제출하다/제출을 하다to submit조사하다/조사를 하다to researchyou (plain)you/your (plain)아니no (casual)응/어yes (casual)이따가a little later-에 대한about a (topic)당황하다to be flustered말도 안 돼!it makes no sense!맞다!You are right!

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