Epic Korean 4 Chapter 9: 홍길동전은 허균이 쓴 한글 소설이라고 해

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재물wealth, property, fortune재주talent, skill진짜real, genuine차별discriminationconcubine나눠 주다to share, to distribute떠나다to leave빼앗다to take, steal, strip somebody of something모으다to collect, to gather무시를 하다to ignore, to look down on인정받다to be recognized, to be credited for잡다to catch새롭다new, fresh, original행복하게happily주인공protagonist한문Classical Chinese대단하다to be great, to be outstanding똑똑하다to be smart, to be brainy영리하다to be smart, to be clever마음씨가 나쁘다to be ill-natured불만이 많다to be dissatisfied용감하다to be brave, to be courageous흥미롭다to be interesting보통 사람ordinary people궁금하다to be curious정확히exactly