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introduction powerpoint

1. Cytology
2. biochemistry
3. genetics

1. the study of cells
2. chemical makeup of cells
3. the nuclear function and inheritance of genetic material

1. light microscopes
2. electron microscopes

1. lower resolve than EM. sees down to organelles
2. sees ultrastructure, molecules, even atoms

history of cells

Robert hooke 1665
crude microscope: cork
cellulae "little rooms"

laws of cell

1. basic unit of life
2. cells come from cells
3. all living things have cells

how are cells similar

basic structure
basic processes
basic function of division

how are cells different

anatomic organization

prokaryotic vs eukaryotic

pro- less of everything
euk- more complex in every way


structure of ribosomes


produces ATP

Rough ER

protein production

Smooth ER

lipid production

free ribosomes

protein and RNA synthesis

Golgi apperatus

packages/transports proteins from the rough-ER


breaks down stuff


cell shape and movement


store and transport material


collect sunlight


stores sunlight

prokaryotic external structures

cell wall- protection
capsule- adhesion
pili/ flagella- locomotion

eukaryotic external structures

cell walls (chitin, cellulose)
junctional structures
glycocalyx (carbs stick to stuff)

non cellular infectionous particles


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