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Boundaries, Movement, Responsiveness, Metabolism, Excretion, Reproduction, and Growth.

What are the seven functions an organism needs to be considered living?

Nutrients, Oxygen, Water, Constant temperature, and Constant Atmospheric pressure.

What are the 5 necessary things for survival?

The science of the structure of living organisms.

What is Anatomy?

Body erect, arms at sides, and palms forward.

What is Anatomical Position?


What is the anatomical term for towards the head?


What is the anatomical term for towards the feet?


What is the anatomical term for towards the front?


What is the anatomical term for towards the back?


What is the anatomical term for towards the middle?


What is the anatomical term for away from the midline?

To keep their insides and outsides separate and to be protected from drying out, bacteria, and chemicals.

Why do living things need boundaries?

The ability to sense changes int he environment and react to them.

What is "responsiveness"?

Chemical processes in an organism to maintain life. (Chemical reactions, breaking down food, using nutrients and oxygen to produce energy, etc.)

What is metabolism?

Your hormones!

What is your metabolism regulated by?

Urination, evacuation of feces, and exhaling carbon dioxide.

Name three ways your body performs excretion.

The digestive system, the urinary system, and the respiratory system.

Name the three organ systems that perform excretion.

By reproducing new cells (after being wounded), and by producing a whole new organism.

What are two ways an organism can reproduce?

The science of the functioning of living organisms.

What is physiology?


What is another word for backside of the body besides posterior?

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