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Sewing Machine Parts and Functions

Seam Guide/Throat Plate
Keeps seam straight and even
Feed Dog
Moves the fabric through the machine
Presser Foot
Holds the fabric down against the feed dog while stitching
Thread through eye, front to back
Presser Foot Dial
Controls the height of the presser foot
Tension Control
Controls the tightness and looseness of thread (leave alone)
Spool Pin
Holds the spool of the thread
Thread Guide for Bobbin Winder
Directs the thread to the bobbin when winding
Bobbin Case
Where the bobbin is placed when winding the bobbin
Controls the up and down movement
Speed Control
Controls the speed of the machine
Needle Position
Raises and lowers the needle
Presser Foot Lifter
Lifts and lowers the presser foot (silently)
Stop/Start Button
For sewing without a pedal
Backstitch Button
Makes a backstitch
Stitch Width
Controls the width of the stitch (zigzag)
Stitch Length
Controls the length of the stitch (short-long)
Backstitch Button
Press to automatically sew reverse or reinforce stitches at the beginning or end of stitching
Needle Stop Position Key
Used when pivoting. If the key is lit, the sewing machine will stop with the needle in the fabric. If the key is not lit, the machine will stop with the needle raised.
Free Arm
Removable part that allows you to sew in small areas easier
On/ Off Button
Turns the machine on and off
Thread Cutter
Razor to cut threads when finished sewing