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Kevin is planning an outdoor college soccer tournament and is expecting one hundred teams to attend. On the morning of the tournament, he evaluates the weather to determine whether the tournament might need to be moved to the next day. Kevin is evaluating the project:
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Helen and Darlene work for an organization where the assigned project manager has total authority over the project. Helen & Darlene work in a:Projectized OrganizationCallie sets up a timeline for the financial project she has been assigned. In her timeline, she includes benchmarks and milestones for her team to help keep the project on track. Callie is establishing good project?Time ManagementLarry, a member of a project team, has been noticing that the team's members have been establishing specific roles for each other, and the team is starting to achieve consensus about the group objective. Whichstage of group development is Larry's team experiencing?normingALEX and Deacon work in a software development company. John is the project manager, and Deacon is a staff member who reports to Sherri. Alex sends all project tasks for Deacon through Sherri in a:functional organization.Karen is a mechanical engineer who reports to the mechanical engineering department lead, Mike. Nadine is a project manager in the company who needs a mechanical engineer to assist with certain tasks on her project. Mike transfers Karen to Nadine's team for two months to complete the mechanical engineering tasks and then Nadine transfers Karen back to Mike's team. Which type of organization structure do Karen, Mike, and Nadine work in?matrix organizationThe ability of stakeholders to influence the project is typically highest at which stage?initiatingIan negotiated a discount on the delivery fees when he ordered additional tables and chairs for his event. Which facilitating function has Ian exhibited?ProcurementMatt is deciding on the details of a community service event for his career technical service organization. He will lead his organization through all stages of the life cycle by the end of this school year. Matt is assuming the role of a:Project Managerhe organizational structure where the project manager has the least amount of authority is a:functional organizationHighly skilled and capable employees can be shared between projects in which type of organization structure?matrix organization

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