pharm II midterm

what happens to the body during the sympathetic (adrenergic) system?
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which sedative is best used with cats and has a reversal agent, Yohimbine?Xylazinewhat do adrenergic blocking agents do?antagonists to adrenergic neurotransmitters blocking alpha and beta receptors siteswhat drug is long acting that depresses the motor centers, and we should not give to patients with liver disease?Phenobarbitalwhat drug is usually used in euthanasia solutions and is colored brightly pink, green, blue & can be given IV to control seizures?Pentobarbitalwhat is acute pain vs chronic pain?acute pain is from a sudden stimulus such as surgery vs chronic pain is persistent beyond the time normally associated with tissue injurywhat drug affects Mu & Kappa receptors and is used as a preanesthetic and an anesthetic ?Morphine Sulfatewhat drug that causes less vomiting and more sedation & is used as a premed for surgery?hydromorphonewhat drug is used as antitussive to minimize a nonproductive cough in dogs and helps with compulsive licking?hydrocodonewhat drug has a high affinity for Mu receptors and that is used for pain?buprenorphinewhat is an opioid antagonist used to reverse respiratory depression?Naloxonewhich anesthetic is immediate onset within minutes given and is a local block of pain?lidocainewhich anesthetic is a topical anesthetic used to numb the eye and gives a 5-10min numbness to the cornea?proparacainewhich injectable general anesthetics can increase salivation and open spastic muscle jerking?Ketaminewhich injectable general ansesthetic is a white liquid that is rapid and smooth induction when given IV that lasts 2-5 minutes?propofolwhich inhalent anesthetic is mostly widely used in practice but can irrate the respiratory system?Isofluranewhat kind of drugs do we not use in animals with corneal ulcers?steroidswhich NSAID drug do we need to use caution with cats and wait at least two weeks after not taking for a surgery?salicylates (aspirin)what NSAID drug is used for colic pain in horses and cattle?flunxin meglumainewhat are some side effects to NSAIDs?GI ulcerations, bleeding, bone marrow suppression, nephrotoxicitywhat type of NSAID is related with the stomach?Cox-1what type of NSAID is related with inflammation?Cox-2what NSAID drug is a cox-2 inhibitor that is given to cats SQ to control pain associated with surgery?Melaxicam (metacam)what drug is a neuromuscular blocker that relaxes muslces and has side effects of increased HR & blood pressure?pancuroniumwhich drug does not require a reversal agent and is used for muscle contraction associated with toxicity or drug induced seizures?succinylcholinewhat drug is used as adjunctive therapy for inflammatory & muscle spasms?Methocarbamol (Robaxin)what neuromuscular blocker drug is used to treat myasthenia gravis ?Neostigminewhich drugs improves appetite?cyproheptadine, miratazapinewhich anti-diarrheal is also used to treat giardia?Metronidazole (Flagyl)what type of drugs coat inflammed intestinal mucosa with a protective layer?protectantswhat kind of drugs are anti inflammatory and examples like bismuth subsalicylate, koalin/pectin, and activated charcoal?adsorbentswhat kinds of drugs loosen the bowl contents and encourages evacuation of stool?laxativeswhat type of drugs strengthen good bacteria in the GI tract and examples like florti-flora, probiocin?probioticswhat type of drugs pull water into the colon and increase water content in feces, examples like fleet enema?osmoticswhy do we not give fleet enema to cats?causes kidney failure and dehydrationwhat types of drugs control vomiting, help alleviate discomfort and help control electrolyte balance?antiemeticswhat type of drugs inhibit dopamine to decrease the stimulation to vomit? & example?phenothiazine; acepromazinewhat types of drugs do we NOT use in patients with glaucoma or pyloric obstruction? & example?anticholinergic; atropinewhich antiemetic drug do we NOT give when we think there's a foreign material in the GI because it can cause rupture of the small intestine?Metoclopramide (Reglan)what drug is a neurokinin receptor antagonists used to prevent acute vomiting and motion sickness?Maropitant citrate (Cerenia)what type of drugs induce vomiting for toxin ingestion and drug overdoses?emeticswhen should we not use emetics?when ingested corrosive toxinsWhat is the emetic of choice in dogs? cats?Apomorphine; Xylazinewhat ulcer drug blocks a H2 receptor that reduces gastric acid secretion?Famotidine (Pepsid AC)what drug is mucosal protective drug and should not be given at the same time as H2 receptor antagonists?Sucralfatewhat antiemetic drug do we NOT give to patients with seizures because it lowers seizure threshold?Acepromazinewhat drug is used for obesity in dogs?Dirlotapide (slentrol)bismuth subsalicylate (pepto-bismol) should be used with caution with cats because?it contains asprin, it blackens stoolWhat is in Drontal Plus?Praziquantel, Pyrantel, Febantelwhich drug should we avoid use in collies?averemectins; Ivermectinwhat is a neurological disease in horses that is caused by protozoan sarcocysitis neurma? What drug to treat it?Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM); Pyrimethamine (Daraprim)what drug is used for arthritis in dogs and can cause necrosis in horses?phenylbutazone aka Butewhat HW treatment is a monthly topical that also protects against ticks/fleas and contains selemectin?Revolutionwhich HW adulticide medication is given IM for fastests results?Melarsominewhat are drugs used for bulk forming?Psyllium or metamucilwhat is a side effect of organophosphates that are used for internal/external parasites?neurotoxicityHydromorphone is reversed by ..naloxonewhat drugs have been treated for giardia?fenbendazole, sulfadimethoxine , metronidazolewhat drug is a serotonin receptor antagonist used to treat feline asthma?cyproheptadinewhat drug is a dual pathway NSAID that is a non selective cox (affects cox1 & cox2) ?Tepoxalin (Zubrin)long term unregulated glucocorticoids therapy can eventually cause.. ?Iatrogenic cushings diseaseWhat does CRTZ mean?chemo receptor trigger zonewhat topical drug do we use for cats for hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworm?Profenderwhich expectorant drug removes/ coughs out the mucus & can be used in horses to maintain general anesthetia as a muscle relaxant?Guaifenesinwhat mucolytic decreases viscosity of respiratory secretions and also to treat acetaminophen toxicity in cats?Acetylcysteinewhat corticosteroids treat allergic and inflammatory respiratory conditions?prednisolone & dexamethasonewhat drug is a T cell modulator used for feline asthma?cyclosporinewhat drug stimulates respiration in neonates after c-section?Doxapram hydrochloride (Dopram-V)what antitussive is relief for chronic nonproductive cough in dogs?Butorphanol tartratewhat antitussive drug is a nonnarcotic that supresses a nonproductive cough and shouldn't be used in cats?Dextromethorphanwhat drug is an antituss (trimeprazine) & a corticosteroids (prednisolone)?Temaril-Pwhat bronchodilator anticholinergic drugs prevents bronchoconstrictive effects of acetylcholine?Atropine & gylcopyrolatewhat bronchodilator antihistamine drugs block effect of histamine?Cetrizine (Zyrtec) & Diphenhydramine (Benadryl)what bronchodilator beta 2 adrenergic agonist relaxes muscles & is a less stimulate to the heart?Albuterolwhat bronchodilator methylaxanthines drugs promote bronchodilation?Aminophyllinewhat decongestant drug is a topical we use?Phenylephrine (neosynephrine)in what patients should we not use decongestant drugs?in patients with cardiac diseases or animals with hypertensionWhat is preload?volume of blood entering the right side of the heartWhat is afterload?Force needed to push blood out of the ventricleswhat cardiac gycoside drug increases strength of cardiac contractions and has side effects of decreased appetite, vomit and diarrhea?Digoxinwhat benzimidaze- pyridazinoes drug increase the force of contraction?Pimibendan (Vetmedin)what antiarrythmic, local anesthetic drugs supresses myocardial excitability and increases conduction time?Quinidine & Procainamidewhat antiarrythmic, membrane stabilization drug is used for emergency arrhythmias?Lidocainewhat antiarrythmic, beta adrenergic blocker drug is used to treat hypertonic cardiomyopathy?propanololwhat antiarrythmic, potassium channel blocker drug lengthens the time between action potentials?Bretyliumwhat antiarrythmic, calcium channel blocker drug is used orally and IV to treat atrial flutter and ventricular tachycardia?Verapamilwhat correcting constriction, vendodilator drug improves cardiac output and reduce pulmonary edema?Nitroglycerinwhat diuretic inhibit reabsorption of sodium and chloride in the loop of henle?Furosemidewhat diuretic inhibits aldosterone?spironolactonewhat diuretic osmotic do we use mainly for head trama?Mannitolwhat anticoagulant prevents the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin?Heparinwhat anticoagulant chelates calcium and comes in lavender top tubes?EDTAwhat anticoagulant prevents thromboembolism due to HW disease?asprinwhat blood enhancer is a protein made by the kidneys that stimulates bone marrow stem cells to form RBC & used to treat anemia?Erythropoietinwhat is the most potent opioid?Fentanylwhat inhalant anesthetic is old school that has side effects of malignant hyperthermia?halothanewhat HW treatment is a six month injectable that contains moxidectin?pro heart 6what ecoparasite treatment do we not use in cats bc it can cause seizures and even death?pyrethrinswhat ectoparsite treatment is a topical for dog and cats that includes imidacloprid?Advantagewhat ectoparasite treatment is a once a month chewable that kills fleas in 30 min and contains spinosad?comfortiswhat ecoparasite treatment is a topical that is absorbed systemically and contains fipronil?frontlinewhat ecoparasite treatment is used to manage demox and is toxic to cats and rabbits?Amitrazdoes the parasympathetic system cause bronchodilation or bronchoconstriction?bronchoconstrictiondoes the sympathetic system cause bronchodilation or bronchoconstriction?bronchodilation