EPISODE 7 No Word Is An Island Advanced English

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clusterSome relatives were standing in a _____ around her hospital bed.quaintWe stayed in a _____ little fishing village in Cornwall.reminiscent ofThe novel is quite good and in some ways is ______ Virginia Woolf.apt descriptionWe were travelling along the Lofoten Wall, an _______ for the mountains protecting this huge sea fjord.pressing concernMany activists say that poverty is a more ________ than pollution.on a par withIn my opinion, none of the new jazz trumpeters are _______ Miles Davis. They're simply nowhere near as good.cushyNowadays being a flight attendant is not a _____ lifestyle - it's very hard work.dearthThe harsh reality is that there's a _____ of good job opportunities for young people.misgivingsOpponents of nuclear energy have deep ______ about its safety.bears little resemblance toWhat happens in the film ________ what actually happened.better offThe country would be ______ if more women were serving in Congress.brainchild ofThe personal computer was the _____ a man named Steve Jobs.urban sprawlIt would be a tragedy to see this special place spoiled by _______, given its natural beauty and well-preserved history.holier-than-thouShe was intensely irritated by Emma's ________ attitude. So what if Emma was vegan and exercised every day?willy-nillyHow many of you spend money ______ on cosmetics, jewellery, clothes, fast food, movies, and weekend beer?