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  1. Pilgrims/Mayflower Compact
  2. The Preamble, followed by seven articles, then 27 amendments
  3. Attended the Constitutional Convention
  4. reserved powers
  5. Southern Colonies
  1. a Plantations for farming, slave labor, "cash crops" rice, tobacco, indigo, cotton
  2. b rights reserved to the states
  3. c Ben Franklin, George Washington (president of Convention), James Madison, missing T. Jefferson (in France as ambassador)
  4. d an agreement among the group of people on the ship sailing to the new world the established a DIRECT DEMOCRACY seen in New England today
  5. e layout of the constitution

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  1. event that lead to deciding to boycott british goods and ended in deciding to see what happened (waiting for future events)
  2. passed the declaration of independance, declaring the colonies free from britain
  3. accept
  4. dissaproved of federalism and the constitution
  5. how are the English Parliament, US Congress, and the NC General Assembly similar?

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  1. Precedencechange


  2. where is the right to an education foundsection 15


  3. declaration of rightsfound in article one of the NC constitution


  4. John LockeInfluenced the Declaration of Ind. with his enlightenment writing


  5. Baron de Montesqiueufull faith and credit


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