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  1. Results of 2nd Continental Congress
  2. article 7
  3. where is the right to an education found
  4. Lexintgon and Concord, Yorktown
  5. Common Sense
  1. a describes process for ratification of the constitution
  2. b section 15
  3. c Thomas Paine was the author and it convinced a lot of people that independance from Britain was necessary
  4. d passed the declaration of independance, declaring the colonies free from britain
  5. e First and last battles of the revolutionary war

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  1. nc declares independance from britain
  2. enforces law
  3. life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
  4. Wrote about the seperation of powers in government
  5. change

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  1. New Englandbicameral legislature, one based on population, other chosen by members of the house


  2. no executive of judicial branches, only created a unicameral legislature, 2/3 of the majority of states was necessary to pass laws, amendments needed a unanimous yes vote, no national identity or pridepower of the purse and who has it


  3. Attended the Constitutional ConventionBen Franklin, George Washington (president of Convention), James Madison, missing T. Jefferson (in France as ambassador)


  4. set plan for the expansion of the nation, created the Northwest Ordinance, gave congress the power to limit slavery in hew territories (new ordinance)100 counties


  5. NJ planone house senate with equal representation per state