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  1. Northwest Ordinance 1787
  2. reserved powers
  3. they are all bi-cameral (have two houses)
  4. Results of 2nd Continental Congress
  5. april 12, 1776
  1. a nc declares independance from britain
  2. b how are the English Parliament, US Congress, and the NC General Assembly similar?
  3. c rights reserved to the states
  4. d created the method of approving new states as equal to the old states, admittied new states and territories into the US is under congress's jurisdiction
  5. e passed the declaration of independance, declaring the colonies free from britain

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  1. power of the purse and who has it
  2. Thomas Paine was the author and it convinced a lot of people that independance from Britain was necessary
  3. Successes of the Art. of Confederation
  4. First and last battles of the revolutionary war
  5. approved of the constitution and a federal system

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  1. New Englandone house senate with equal representation per state


  2. Article Fourfull faith and credit


  3. Attended the Constitutional Conventionben franklin


  4. 2/3 of congress and 3/4 of the statesformula for approving amendments of the constitution


  5. John LockeInfluenced the Declaration of Ind. with his enlightenment writing