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  1. VA plan
  2. Results of 2nd Continental Congress
  3. how many counties are there in nc
  4. april 12, 1776
  5. Pilgrims/Mayflower Compact
  1. a 100 counties
  2. b an agreement among the group of people on the ship sailing to the new world the established a DIRECT DEMOCRACY seen in New England today
  3. c nc declares independance from britain
  4. d passed the declaration of independance, declaring the colonies free from britain
  5. e bicameral legislature, one based on population, other chosen by members of the house

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  1. every slave counted as 3/5th of a person
  2. dissaproved of federalism and the constitution
  3. Parliament appointed William and Mary to take the throne without any bloodshed or fighting
  4. proposed by roger sherman and oliver ellsworth and was adopted, bicameral house of reps based on state population and a senate with equal representation
  5. event that lead to deciding to boycott british goods and ended in deciding to see what happened (waiting for future events)

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  1. Magna Cartawritten document between King John and Nobles that gave them equal treatment under the law, and HABEUS CORPUS- "without the body"


  2. Southern Coloniesfur trade, iron works, NY and PA are fastest growing colonies


  3. Salutary NeglectFriendly neglect; Britain makes laws for America but doesn't enforce them/leaves them alone


  4. Lexintgon and Concord, YorktownFirst and last battles of the revolutionary war


  5. where is the right to an education foundben franklin