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  1. VA plan
  2. Southern Colonies
  3. New England
  4. Rosseau
  5. power to tax and spend money- congress, NC General Assembly, etc
  1. a Wrote the "Social Contract" and spoke of the relationship between government and the people
  2. b Whale oil, fish, lumber, shipbuilding (became master shipbuilders), furniture, created denser port cities
  3. c bicameral legislature, one based on population, other chosen by members of the house
  4. d power of the purse and who has it
  5. e Plantations for farming, slave labor, "cash crops" rice, tobacco, indigo, cotton

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  1. written document between King John and Nobles that gave them equal treatment under the law, and HABEUS CORPUS- "without the body"
  2. Wrote about the seperation of powers in government
  3. passed the declaration of independance, declaring the colonies free from britain
  4. describes process for ratification of the constitution
  5. Led a rebellion that led to the ending of the Articles of Confederation and the development of the US constitution

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  1. Mecklenburg ResolvesNC became the first colonial gov't to call for total independance from great britain with this event


  2. Northwest Ordinance 1787Plantations for farming, slave labor, "cash crops" rice, tobacco, indigo, cotton


  3. Common SenseThomas Paine was the author and it convinced a lot of people that independance from Britain was necessary


  4. CT plan/great comprimiseproposed by roger sherman and oliver ellsworth and was adopted, bicameral house of reps based on state population and a senate with equal representation


  5. federal systempowers split between state and nat'l gov't