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  1. John Locke
  2. expressed powers
  3. Rosseau
  4. concurrent powers
  5. federal system
  1. a powers both the state and the national government have
  2. b Influenced the Declaration of Ind. with his enlightenment writing
  3. c powers split between state and nat'l gov't
  4. d Wrote the "Social Contract" and spoke of the relationship between government and the people
  5. e powers of federal government

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  1. decided that all offices appointed by the british gov't were vacant and that the provincial congress was the only lawful government in the colony
  2. full faith and credit
  3. fur trade, iron works, NY and PA are fastest growing colonies
  4. one house senate with equal representation per state
  5. Led a rebellion that led to the ending of the Articles of Confederation and the development of the US constitution

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  1. common lawWrote the "Social Contract" and spoke of the relationship between government and the people


  2. no executive of judicial branches, only created a unicameral legislature, 2/3 of the majority of states was necessary to pass laws, amendments needed a unanimous yes vote, no national identity or pridefailures of the Art. of Conf.


  3. Glorious RevolutionParliament appointed William and Mary to take the throne without any bloodshed or fighting


  4. veto powerbicameral legislature, one based on population, other chosen by members of the house


  5. Results of 1st Continental Congresspassed the declaration of independance, declaring the colonies free from britain