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  1. concurrent powers
  2. Glorious Revolution
  3. Baron de Montesqiueu
  4. in 1996 an amendment
  5. Northwest Ordinance 1787
  1. a created the method of approving new states as equal to the old states, admittied new states and territories into the US is under congress's jurisdiction
  2. b allows governer to veto legislation
  3. c Wrote about the seperation of powers in government
  4. d powers both the state and the national government have
  5. e Parliament appointed William and Mary to take the throne without any bloodshed or fighting

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  1. passed the declaration of independance, declaring the colonies free from britain
  2. 100 counties
  3. enforces law
  4. First and last battles of the revolutionary war
  5. Asserts Britain and British parliament to have exclusive rights to legislate and tax colonies as they pleased

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  1. Southern ColoniesNaval stores, turpentine/resin for shipbuilding (became known as the tarheels), cotton (textiles), no big cities because of rivers


  2. Magna Cartawritten document between King John and Nobles that gave them equal treatment under the law, and HABEUS CORPUS- "without the body"


  3. 3/5th comprimisethe power to stop a law from coming into effect


  4. BoycottTo refuse to buy/sell/trade with another


  5. 2/3 of congress and 3/4 of the statesWrote about the seperation of powers in government