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  1. New England
  2. Boycott
  3. where is the right to an education found
  4. Mecklenburg Resolves
  5. how many counties are there in nc
  1. a To refuse to buy/sell/trade with another
  2. b Small, independant farms (just self-sufficient)
  3. c decided that all offices appointed by the british gov't were vacant and that the provincial congress was the only lawful government in the colony
  4. d 100 counties
  5. e section 15

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  1. approved of the constitution and a federal system
  2. Intolerable Acts
  3. power of the purse and who has it
  4. nc declares independance from britain
  5. allows governer to veto legislation

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  1. Results of 1st Continental Congressevent that lead to deciding to boycott british goods and ended in deciding to see what happened (waiting for future events)


  2. they are all bi-cameral (have two houses)how are the English Parliament, US Congress, and the NC General Assembly similar?


  3. Southern ColoniesNaval stores, turpentine/resin for shipbuilding (became known as the tarheels), cotton (textiles), no big cities because of rivers


  4. RosseauWrote the "Social Contract" and spoke of the relationship between government and the people


  5. VA planbicameral legislature, one based on population, other chosen by members of the house