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  1. NJ plan
  2. Article Four
  3. Attended the Constitutional Convention
  4. Rhode island, believed the government would have too much power under the constitution
  5. set plan for the expansion of the nation, created the Northwest Ordinance, gave congress the power to limit slavery in hew territories (new ordinance)
  1. a Successes of the Art. of Confederation
  2. b one house senate with equal representation per state
  3. c Ben Franklin, George Washington (president of Convention), James Madison, missing T. Jefferson (in France as ambassador)
  4. d which state didn't go to the constitutional convention and why
  5. e full faith and credit

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  1. failures of the Art. of Conf.
  2. NC became the first colonial gov't to call for total independance from great britain with this event
  3. section 15
  4. accept
  5. nc declares independance from britain

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  1. Declatory ActAsserts Britain and British parliament to have exclusive rights to legislate and tax colonies as they pleased


  2. federalistspowers split between state and nat'l gov't


  3. John Lockethe power to stop a law from coming into effect


  4. amendchange


  5. Northwest Ordinance 1787created the method of approving new states as equal to the old states, admittied new states and territories into the US is under congress's jurisdiction