Laws & Codes of Texas

Penal Code
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Class C MisdemeanorUp to $500 fineCriminal HomicideCausing the death of a person intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence (murder, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide)Murderthe unlawful premeditated killing of another human / first degree felonyCapital MurderKilling an on-duty police officer or firefighter OR committing murder while committing another serious felonyPremeditatedconsidered beforehand, deliberately plannedManslaughterKilling a person without malice or premeditation / second degree felonyCriminally Negligent HomicideCreating an unjustifiable risk that leads to the death of another person / State Jail FelonyMaliceDesire to harm othersKidnappingTaking someone by force or without consent / third degree felonyAssaultA threat/attempt to injure / felony or misdemeanorConsentPermissionBigamymarriage to two people at the same time (felony)Custodial InterferenceTaking a child without having been granted custody (state jail felony)Harboring a runaway childTaking in a child who has run away from their parent, guardian, or the stateSale or Purchase of ChildAccepting payment for possession of a child (2nd/3rd degree felony)Continuous Violence Against the FamilyCommitting multiple violent offenses during the same year against a family member or someone they are dating (third degree felony)RobberyTaking property by force or threatBurglaryEntering a property with intent to steal somethingTheftTaking property without harming/threatening a personBriberyOffering something of value to a public servant in exchange for a favor (2nd degree felony)PerjuryLying under oath (class A misdemeanor)Abuse of OfficeUsing one's position for unlawful personal gain (e.g. accepting bribes, failing to disclose conflicts of interest)Public indecencyBeing nude or committing sexual activity in publicPublic intoxicationBeing intoxicated in publicOrganized crimea group organized to carry out criminal activity (gangs, cartels, etc.)Family CodeLaws governing marriage, divorce, child custody, etc.Marriage LicenseCertificate issued by a court, required for marriagePhysical Custodythe right of a divorced spouse to have one's children live with oneLegal Custodya parent's right to make major decisions about the children's health, education and welfare.Joint custodysplit custody between divorced or unmarried parentsLicense (Alcohol)Required for person/business who wants to sell or make alcohol (gas stations, grocery stores)Permit (alcohol)Authorizes the mixing and serving of liquor (restaurants, bars)Drinking Age21+Providing Alcohol to a MinorClass A Misdemeanor