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  1. shares of stocks
  2. 2 limits of GDP concept
  3. corporate bonds
  4. income approach
  5. current dollars
  1. a promissory notes issued by firms when they borrow money
  2. b measures income recieved by all factors of production in producing final goods and services
  3. c financial instruments that give to the owner a share in the firm's ownership and therefore the right to share in the firm's profits
  4. d Social welfare isn't measured
    Nonmarket activites not counted
    does not reflect losses or societal ills
    don't measure pollution
    distributive policies
    underground economy
  5. e current prices we pay for goods and services

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  1. portion of a firm's profits that the firm pays out each period to its shareholders
  2. amount of disposable income left after personal spending
  3. capital at the beginning+net investment
  4. Cash payments made by the gov to people who don't supply good, services, or labor in exchange.
  5. GDP=C+I+G+(EX-IM)

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  1. aggregate outputtotal quantity of goods and services produced in an economy in a given period


  2. expansion/boompeak to trough during which employment and output fall


  3. personal saving rateamount of disposable income left after personal spending


  4. statistical discrepancydata measurement error


  5. Relationship between total production and total salesGDP=Final sales+change in business inventories


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