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  1. monetary policy
  2. statistical discrepancy
  3. corporate bonds
  4. income approach
  5. current dollars
  1. a measures income recieved by all factors of production in producing final goods and services
  2. b Federal Reserve for
    money quantity
    (affects interest rates)
  3. c data measurement error
  4. d current prices we pay for goods and services
  5. e promissory notes issued by firms when they borrow money

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  1. wages
    various supplements
  2. Cash payments made by the gov to people who don't supply good, services, or labor in exchange.
  3. uses weights from a given base year
  4. both high inflation and high unemployment
  5. total market value of all final goods and services produced within a given period by factors of production owned by a country's citizens, regardless of where the output is produced

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  1. aggregate outputthe behavior of all households and firms together


  2. Aggregate Behaviortotal quantity of goods and services produced in an economy in a given period


  3. 3 things macroeconomics focus onDeterminants of total national income.
    Aggregates of consumption and investment
    Overall level of prices


  4. Three Market Arenaspromissory notes issued by firms when they borrow money


  5. national income and product accountsthe total income earned by the factors of production owned by a country's citizens