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narrow water passages connecting the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea

Heinrich Schliemann

wealthy businessman who found evidence of the Trojan War

height of Mycenaean civilization

1400 B.C to 1200 B.C.

Trojan War

believed to be about economic rivalry between Mycenae and Troy

The Illiad

a chief source of information about the Trojan War

end of Mycenaean civilization

1100 B.C to 900 B.C


origins and development of epople and their societies

relative dating

determining whether material remains are older or newer than one another

absolute dating

determing exact ages


watercolor paintings done on wet plaster


areas dedicated to gods and goddesses

Greece's Dark Age

1100 B.C to 900 B.C


wrote the Illiad and the Odyssey (time around 750 B.C)

Arthur Evans

evacuated Crete around 1900

Micheal Ventris

deciphered Linear B in 1952

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