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  1. Condemn
  2. Forbidding
  3. Evasive
  4. Fraud
  5. Blasphemy
  1. a sentence to severe punishment
  2. b twisting of the truth
  3. c menacing appearance
  4. d intolerance or any action against God
  5. e tricky or escape like

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  1. desire wrongfully
  2. impair or weaken
  3. written testiments that occur under oath
  4. unjust or insulting
  5. showing an earnest wish to fulfillreligious obligations

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  1. Avidenthusiastic or eager


  2. Adulteryvoluntary sexual activity between a man and a woman with someone besides their spouse


  3. Deferenceinfliction of harm in return for some injury or offense


  4. Amelioratemake better


  5. Contentiousdifficult