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Ch 1 Major Themes in A&P

Which of these is the best imaging technique for routinely examining the anatomical development of a fetus?
Which of the following list levels of human structure from the most complex to the simplest?
Organ system, organ, tissue, cell, organelle
An educated speculation or a possible answer to a question is called a(n)
All of the following are human organ systems except (skeletal, endocrine, epidermal, reproductive, lymphatic)
_____is a process that submits a scientist's ideas to the critical judgement of other specialists in the field before the research is funded or published.
Peer review
Most people think that ulcers are caused by psychological stress. It was discovered that an acid-resistant bacterium, Heliobacter pylori, lives in the lining of the stomach. If these bacteria cause ulcers, then treatment w/ an antibiotic should reduce ulcers. This line of investigation is an example of....
hypothetico-deductive reasoning
The change in size of the bone marrow (where blood cells are produced) as an infant matures is an example of____, whereas the transformation of blood stem cells into WBCs is an example of ________.
growth; differentiation
Feeling structures with your fingertips is called_____, whereas tapping on the body and listening for sounds of abnormalities is called______.
palpation; percussion
When you exercise you generate excess heat and your body temp rises. Blood vessels dilate in the skin, warm blood flows closer to the body surface, and you lose heat. This exemplifies.....
Negative feedback
The fact that most of us have 5 lumbar vertebrae, but some people have 6 and some have 4 is an example of_______variation among organisms.
A change in the genetic composition of a population over time is called....
2 groups of people were tested to determine whether garlic lower blood cholesterol levels. 1 group was given 800mg of garlic powder dly for 4 months and exhibited an average 12% reduction in the blood cholesterol. The other group was not given any garlic and after 4 months averaged a 3% reduction in cholesterol. The group that wasn't given the garlic was the....
Control group
Metabolism is the sum of....
Anabolism and catabolism
Which of the following lists examples of body structures from the simplest to the most complex?
Protein, mitochondrion, adipocyte (fat cell), connective tissue, stomach
_______are the simplest body structures considered alive.
An_______is composed of two or more tissue types, whereas______are microscopic structures in a cell.
Organ; organelles
The study of structure and function of cells is called....
Three common components of a feedback loop are
A receptor, an integrating (control) center, and an effector.
Which of the following is most likely to cause disease?
Positive feedback
We live in an ever-changing environment outside of our body, yet our internal conditions remain relatively stable. This is called......
A new drug apparently increases short-term memory. Students were divided randomly into 2 groups at the beginning of the semester. 1 group was given the memory pill once a day for the semester, and the other group was given a same-looking pill, but it was just sugar. The sugar pill is termed a(n).....
A(n)______is a group of similar cells and their intercellular materials in a discrete region of an organ performing a specific function.
When a woman is giving birth, the head of the baby pushes against her cervix & stimulates release of the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin travels in the blood & stimulates the uterus to contract. Labor contractions become more & more intense until the baby is expelled. This is an example of......
Positive feedback
The process of using numerous observations to develop general principles and predictions about a specific subject is called.....
Inductive method
The constant appearance of new strains of influenza virus is an example of......