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subjunctive "trigger" words

tan pronto como
luego que
de manera que
a no ser que
en cuanto
despues de que
asi que
hasta que
de modo que
mientras que
en vez de que
a menos que
a fin de que
para que
con tal que
antes de que
en caso de que
a condicion de que
sin que

antes de que

-always takes the subjunctive
-if main verb is is in past, use imperfect subjunctive

adverbial conjunctions rules

conditional > imperfect subjunctive
future > subjunctive
past > past

imperfect of subjunctive

-if main verb is in present tense, use present subjunctive
-if main verb is preterit or imperfect, sue imperfect subjunctive
-imperfect subjucntive: take Uds. form of preterit & replace ending -ron w imperfect subjunctive endings (ex. luchar: luchara, lucharas, luchara, lucháramos, lucharais, lucharan)

IRREGULARS imperfect of subjunctive

estar - estuviera
haber - hubiera
poder - pudiera
poner - pusiera
tener - tuviera
hacer - hiciear
querer - quisiera
decir - dijera
dar - diera
saber - supiera
traer - trajera
venir - viniera

IRREGULARS present subjunctive

dar - dé (only yo & ella form has the accent)
estar - esté (all but the we form have the accent)
ir - vaya
saber - sepa
ser - sea
haber - haya

future & conditional

saber - sabr-
tener - tendr-
poder - podr-
hacer - har-
haber - habr-
venir - vendr-
decir - dir-
poner - pondr-
salir - saldr-
querer - querr-

adverbial conjunctions of purpose rules

future > subjunctive
conditional > imperfect subjunctive
present > subjunctive
preterite > imperfect subjucntive

(adverbial conjunction) CONDITIONAL

> imperfect subjunctive

(adverbial conjunction) FUTURE

> subjunctive

(adverbial conjunction) PAST

> past

(adverbial conjunction of purpose) FUTURE


(adverbial conjunction of purpose) CONDITIONAL

> imperfect subjunctive

(adverbial conjunction of purpose) PRESENT

> subjunctive

(adverbial conjunction or purpose) PRETERIT

> imperfect subjunctive

present subjunctive verb changes

zar -- z > c
ger -- g > j
gir -- g > j
guir -- gu > g
cer -- c > zc

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