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Max Operational
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VTOL Li-Po Batteries: Normal Operating Range Minimum Voltage for Launch Minimum Voltage for Landing Maximum Temperature for Launch/Landing58.8-59.1 VDC 58.0 VDC 54.0 VDC < 41° CCommunications Links: Silvus Max Range Silvus Frequency Silvus Optimal Frequency Microhard Max Range Microhard Frequency Range50 NM 2200-2500 MHz 2350-2450 MHz 15 NM 1345-1390 MHzWeight Limitations: Maximum Takeoff Weight215 lbsAircraft Wind Limitations (Launch & Landing): Max Headwind Max Tailwind Max Crosswind20 kts 5 kts 10 ktsLimits: Precipitation Limit Operational Air Temperature Icing Conditions¼ inch per hour -4° F to 120° F Flight into known icing conditions is prohibited!