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Pre-Trip Inspection CDL Test TEXAS

What converts air pressure into braking force?

Brake Chamber

What Emergency Equipment should be equipped?

3 reflective triangles

What do you test when corresponding lights are turned on?

Dash Indicators

What tells you that the engine is well lubricated?

Oil Pressure Gauge

What is connected to the transmission and ......

Drive Shaft

Check the belts for snugness (up to ¾ inch play at center of belt), cracks, or frays:

Power steering,Water pump,alternator and air compressor belts.

See that connecting links, arms, and rods from the steering box to the wheel are not worn or cracked.

Steering linkage

Must not be leaking and, if wheel has a sight glass, oil level is adequate.

Oil seals/Axle seals

If equipped, check that these are not bent, damaged, or rusted through.
These should be evenly centered, with the dual wheels and tires evenly separated.


Check for corrosion and that charging cells are adequate.


What gauge shows the generator is charging.


How do you check the parking brake?

Shift into a lower gear and gently pulling against the brake.

What are you testing when you pump the brakes 3x and hold it down for 5 seconds.

Hydraulic brakes

Check that it is securely mounted and adjusts and latches properly.

Seat Belt.

Look into the fifth wheel gap that it is secured and latched onto the kingpin.

Lock Jaws

Cotter pins to hooks are in the

Outward position

What structure can have cracks and also supports the fifth wheel skid plate.


On enclosed trailers check the front area for signs of damage.

Header board

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