Amsco L17 - Imperativo - vosotros

41 terms by Sra_Guadiamos Teacher

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no vayáis

Don't go (you guys)!

no comáis

Don't eat (you guys)!

no cantéis

Don't sing (you guys)!

no trabajéis

Don't work (you guys)!

no lo digáis

Don't say it (you guys)!

no tengáis miedo

Don't be afraid (you guys)!


Listen (you guys)!

id a la tienda

Go to the store (you guys)!


Eat (you guys)!


Sing (you guys)!


Work (you guys)!

sed buenos

Be good (you guys)!


Tell/Say (you guys)!


Look (you guys)!

no miréis

Don't look (you guys)!

cerrad la puerta

Close the door (you guys)!

no cierren la puerta

Don't close the door (you guys)!

jugad fútbol

Play soccer (you guys)

no juguéis aquí

Don't play here (you guys)!


Give it to me (you guys)!

no me lo déis

Don't give it to me (you guys)!

amad al prójimo

Love thy neighbor


Translate (you guys)

no traduzcáis

Don't translate (you guys)


Bring it (you guys)!

no lo traigáis

Don't bring it (you guys)


Tell (a story) (you guys)

estad tranquilos

Be calm (you guys)

ponedlo aquí

Put it here (you guys)!

no lo pongáis allá

Don't put it there (you guys)!


Go/leave (you guys)!

salid de la cocina

Get out of the kitchen, y'all!

No os vayáis

Don't go/leave (you guys)!


Pretend (you guys)!


Sit down (you guys)!


Have fun (you guys)!


Go to bed (you guys)!

no os preocupéis

Don't worry (you guys)!


Be quiet (you guys)!


Get dressed (you guys)!

no os enojéis

Don't get mad (you guys)!

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