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  1. adaptive radiation
  2. meiosis
  3. punctuated equilibrium
  4. mutation
  5. directional selection
  1. a where there are specific, extreme changes in evolution. Like a square like tree
  2. b where a single phenotype is favored, causing the allele frequency to continuously shift in one direction
  3. c the process of cell division in which haploid gametes (eggs and sperm) are creatred
  4. d a spontaneous change in the chemical structure of DNA
  5. e the process in which a single lineage diversifies into a number of species

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  1. a gradual transformation of one species to another
  2. phenotypic variation in which there are a discrete number of phenotypes with no intermediate types. Ex: pea color in Mendel's experiment
  3. one of two or more alternative forms of a gene
  4. opposite of punctuated equilibrium
  5. the evolutionary relationships among a group of species. diagrammed as a family tree

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  1. diploidthe process of division of normal body cells through which new diploid cells are created


  2. balanced polymorphismopposite of punctuated equilibrium


  3. phenotypethe genetic makeup of a trait


  4. homozygouscarries genes and appears during cell division


  5. what's a nucleotide composed of?chromosomes