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  1. Bystander Effect
  2. Social Facilitation
  3. Unconsicous Patronization
  4. Racist Influenced Perceptions
  5. Prejudice
  1. a giving harsher criticisms when said to be a black person more so than white
  2. b the tendency for any given bystander to be less likely to give aid if other bystanders are present
  3. c More likely to shoot someone if they are black than if they are white
  4. d an unjustifiable and usually negative attitude toward a group and it's members
  5. e stronger responses on simple or well-learned tasks in the presence of others. ex) play better when people are watching

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  1. if people consciously express little prejudice; may give off telltale signals as their body responds selectively to another race.
  2. shared goals that override differences among people and require their cooperation
  3. the phenomenon that repeated exposure to stimuli increases the liking of them.
  4. that we will like those whose behavior is rewarding to us and that will we continue relationships that offer more rewards than costs.
  5. Associate ourselves with certain groups and contrast ourselves with others.

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  1. Mirror-Mirror Imagesshared goals that override differences among people and require their cooperation


  2. Frustration-Agression Principlethe blocking of an attempt to achieve some goal


  3. Social Loafinga situation in which the conflicting parties, by each rationally pursuing their self-interest, become caught in mutually destructive behavior.


  4. Peripheral Route Persuasionoccurs when interested people focus on arguments and respond with favorable thoughts. More likely to influence behavior


  5. Aggressive-Replacement Programsbrought down re-arrest rates of juvenile offenders and gang members by teaching the youths and their parents communication skills