17 terms


ability to do work
hydroelectric power
falling water spins a giant turbine, which turns an electrical generator that makes electricity
importance of energy
We need it to live as food provides our energy. Without it, nothing would move and everything would be really cold. It's an integral part of all the technology/electrical items that make our society function.
electrical energy
electric current flows
sound energy
vibrating objects
heat/thermal energy
hot objects
light energy
objects that light up
nuclear energy
atoms splitting apart
(elastic) potential energy
objects that are twisted, stretched, or compressed and returns to original shape
(gravitational) potential energy
objects that have a higher position have more
kinetic energy
moving objects
chemical energy
food, oil, and batteries
6 ways (powers) that humans generate electricity
-burning fossil fuels
6 types of energy that electrical energy can be converted to
energy that sun sends to plants
light and heat energy
energy that plants make
chemical energy (food)
energies that animals release from food
heat, sound, and kinetic energies