CIST 1401 Section 1.1 - 1.5 PQ

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Which of the following geographic network types is made up of an interconnections of LANs?
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In which of the following topologies does each device on the network act as a repeater, sending the signal to the next device?RingWhich of the following topologies connects each network device to a central hub?StarYou have implemented an ad hoc wireless network that doesn't employ a wireless access point. Every wireless network card can communicate directly with any other wireless network card on the network. What type of physical network topology has been implemented in this type of network?MeshYour manager has asked you to implement a network infrastructure that will accommodate failed connections. Which of the following network topologies provides redundancy for a failed link?MeshYou want to implement a fault tolerant topology as you connect routers on your wide area network. Which of the following topologies meets your needs?MeshWhat device is used to create a physical star topology?SwitchWhich of the following functions are performed by the OSI Transport Layer? (Select three.)Reliable message delivery Data segmentation and reassembly End-to-end flow controlWhat is the basic purpose of the OSI Physical layer?Coordinates rules for transmitting bitsWhich of the following are included as part of the Data Link layer specifications? (Select two.)Identifying physical network devices Controlling how messages are propagated through the networkIn the OSI model, what is the primary function of the Network layer?Routes messages between networksWhich of the following tasks is associated with the Session layer?Connection establishmentIn the OSI model, which of the following functions are performed at the Presentation layer? (Select two.)Specify data format Encrypt and compress dataIn the OSI model, which of the following functions are performed at the Application layer? (Select all that apply.)Enabling communication between network clients and services. Integrating network functionality into the host operating system.Which of the following functions are performed at the Physical layer of the OSI model?Moving data across network cablesThe Data Link Layer of the OSI model is comprised of two sublayers. What are they?Logical Link Control (LLC) Sublayer Media Access Control (MAC) SublayerWhich of the following are functions of the MAC sublayer? (Select two.)Defining a unique hardware address for each device on the network. Letting devices on the network have access to the LAN.Which OSI model layer is responsible for guaranteeing reliable message delivery?TransportMatch each layer of the TCP/IP model on the left with the corresponding layer of the OSI model on the right. Each option on the left can be used more then one.Application: Application, Presentation, Session Host to Host: Transport Internet: Network Network Access: Data Link (Hardware): PhysicalMatch the networking function or device on the left with the OSI model layer it is associated with on the right.Application: HTTP Presentation: ASCII Session: Session ID number Transport: Port numbers Network: Router Data Link: Switch Physical: ModemDuring TCP/IP communications between two network hosts, information is encapsulated on the sending host and decapsulated on the receiving host using the OSI model. Match the information format on the left with the appropriate layer of the OSI model on the right. (Not all layers have a matching information format.)Transport Layer: Segments Network Layer: Packets Data Link Layer: Frames Physical Layer: BitsWhich of the following protocols allows hosts to exchange messages to indicate problems with packet delivery?ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)Which protocol is used on the World Wide Web to transmit web pages to web browsers?HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)Your company has just acquired another company in the same city. You need to integrate the two email systems so that messages can be exchanged between the email servers. Currently, each network uses an email package from a different vendor. Which TCP/IP protocol will enable message exchange between systems?SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)You are an application developer, and you are writing a program for exchanging video files through a TCP/IP network. You need to select a transport protocol that will guarantee delivery. Which TCP/IP protocol provides this capability?TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)Which of the following protocols stores email on the mail server and allows users to access messages from various client devices without having to download the emails?IMAP4Which protocol is used to securely browse a website?HTTPSThe UDP transport protocol provides which of the following features? (Select all that apply.)Low overhead Connectionless datagram servicesWhat protocol sends email to a mail server?SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)You have a large TCP/IP network and want to keep a host's real time clock synchronized. What protocol should you use?NTP (Network Time Protocol)Which of the following TCP/IP protocols do email clients use to download messages from a remote email server?POP3You are asked to recommend an email retrieval protocol for a company's sales team. The sales team needs to access email from various locations and possibly different computers. The sales team does not want to worry about transferring email messages or files back and forth between these computers. Which email protocol is designed for this purpose?IMAP4Which of the following protocols includes extensive error checking to ensure that a transmission is sent and received without mistakes?TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)How do you convert from decimal to binary?Using the conversion grid (128 to 1), determine if 128 can be subtracted from the decimal value. If so, put a 1. If not, put a 0. Continue this until you reach 1 on the grid.How do you convert from binary to decimal?Place the binary number on top of the conversion grid, and bring down values that have a corresponding 1. Add the numbers together.