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cultural area

a region which people share a similar way of life


a community of people who share common customs language and rituals


native american tribes__________________ with one another for goods that were not found in there area


the process of spreading new ideas from one place to another


linked people across long distances and spread new ideas and skills


people who had to wander around in the search of food and shelter


a native american group that lived in arctic regions

pit house

were houses that were dug into the ground covered with animal skins and wood


a ceremonial dinner in which gifts were given in order to show wealth and earn respect.

respect for nature

a belief shared by all native americans


spirits who were dressed as masked native american dancers who were thought to bring rain


Native Americans that lived mostly in present day New York state.

long house

was about 150 feet long and 20 feet wide where 12 or more families lived together


played an important role in Iroquoian society


Women also had _______________ power and could choose clan leaders.

League of Iroquois

an alliance between the five warring Iroquois nations inspired by a religious leader known as dekanawida and another person called hiawatha


housing used in the southwest that was made with adobe or sun dried brick


was used by american indians on the great plains and was made from buffalo hide

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