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Coagulation & Fibrinolysis (lec 13)

PT (Prothrombin time) Test
Extrinsic Pathway
aPTT (abnormal partial thromboplastin time) Test
Intrinsic Pathway
TT (Thrombin time) Test
Common Pathway
D-dimer test
shows you had a clot (Factor XIII and Thrombin)
Extrinsic pathway factors involved...
deficiencies in Factors: VII, X, V, II, Fibrinogen
Intrinsic Pathway factors involved...
deficiencies in Factors: XII, HMWK, Prekallikrein, XI, IX, VIII, X, V, II, Fibrinogen
Both pathways (combined abn aPTT & PT
defects in Factors X, V, and II specifically
Factor II
prothrombin, syn in liver, site of gamma-carboxylation by vit K
Factor VIIa
activates Factors X and IX