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Mrs. Thiegs - RL

chronic (adj)

prolonged, lingering

ornery (adj)

of a stubborn and mean spirited nature

callus (n)

a localized thickening and enlargement of the horny layer of the skin

zealous (adj)

ardently devoted to a purpose; fervent; enthusiastic

prototype (n)

an orignial form or instance that serves as a model on which later stages are based or judged

sadistic (adj)

delighting in cruelty

ineffectual (adj)

incapable of performing or accomplishing efficiently

matriarchy (n)

a social system in which descent is traced through the mother's side

notorious (adj)

known widely and usually unfavorably

maudlin (adj)

effusively or tearfully sentimental

insinuate (v)

to hint or suggest indirectly

insurrectionist (n)

a person who rises up against authority

jurisdiction (n)

authority or power

libido (n)

the sexual urge or instinct

emasculate (v)

to weaken in power

impregnable (adj)


punitive (adj)

inflicting or aiming to inflict punishment

wheedle (v)

to persuade or attempt to persuade by flattery

indigent (n)

a destitute or needy person

hallucination (n)

false or distorted perception of objects or events with a compelling sense of their reality usually due to drugs or mental illness

lobotomy (n)

a surgical division of one or more cerebral nerve tracts or surgical incision into a lobe

ramshackle (adj)

likely to fall apart becasue of shoddy construction or upkeep, rickety

combine (n)

a power operated harvesting machine that cuts and threshes, and cleasn grain

acute (adj)

1) reacting readily to impressions; sensitive 2) of great importance, crucial 3) extremely severe and sharp, intense 4) reaching a crisis rapidly; used of a disease

psychopath (n)

a person w/ a personality disorder espeically one manifested in aggressively anti-social behavior

psychedelic (adj)

of, pertaining to or generating hallucinations, distortions of perception and occasionally resembling psychosis

aesthetic (adj)

of or pertaining to the criticism of taste or to the sene of the beautiful

curtail (v)

to cut short or abbreviate

malingerer (n)

one who pretends to be ill or injured in order to avoid duty to work

frenetic (adj)

frantic, frenzied

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