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What outnumbers venomous snakes?


Venom in fish can lead to new?


The scientific study of life?


Consists of all the organisms living in a particular area and the nonliving environmental components


All the living organisms in an ecosystem


Localized group of individuals in one species


individual living entity


Energy flows ?

One way through an ecosystem

Fundamental unit of life?


Type of cell that contains membrane enclosed organelles including a DNA containing nucleus


Type of Cell that lack organelles


The genetic information for constructing the molecules that make up cells and organisms


Structure of DNA

Double helix

Genes make?


Study of shape or form


Common features of all organisms

ordered structures regulation of internal conditions growth and development ability to reproduce energy use and response to environmental stimuli

Type of tomato that isn't a hybrid and has been in cultivation for the past 50 years

heirloom tomato

Who synthesized the theory of evolution by natural selection

Charles Darwin

editing mechanism that occurs when populations or organisms having inherited variations are exposed to environmental factors that favor the reproductive successs of some other individuals over others

Natural selection

Two types of science

Discovery and hypothesis

Type of science that describes nature and uses inductive reasonings

discovery science

type of science that explains nature and uses deductive reasoning

hypothesis science

Broad explanations with large bodies of evidence


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