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  1. Perspective: Behavioral
  2. Perspective: Evolutionary
  3. John Locke
  4. Perspective: Psychodynamic
  5. Perspective: Neuroscience
  1. a Evolution effects behavior
  2. b How behavior springs from unconscious drives and conflicts
  3. c Blank slate
  4. d How body and brain effect emotion
  5. e How we learn observable responses

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  1. To what extent do genes and environment effect our behavior
  2. A school of psychology that focused on how mental and behavioral processes function - how they enable the organism to adapt, survive, and flourish.
  3. How we encode, process, store, and retrieve information
  4. Mind separate from body
  5. A reservoir of mostly unacceptable thoughts, wishes, feelings, and memories
    Information processing of which we are unaware

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  1. BehaviorismThe view that psychology should be an objective science that studies behavior without reference to mental processes


  2. Perspective: Social CulturalHow behavior and thinking vary across situations and cultures


  3. Three Main Levels of AnalysisEvolution effects behavior


  4. Humanistic PsychologyStudy of behavior and mental processes


  5. FreudUnconscious Mind