SAT Vocabulary List One

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When she was chosen president of the company, Kerry felt she'd reached the acme of her career. When the hikers reached the acme of the mountain they felt like the king of the world
Ann didn't catch my allusion to Michael Jordan since she didn't know his nickname is air. My allusion to last night game caught nobodies attention.
Katie's thoughtless words were the antithesis of the considerate response I expected. Most scientist think with an antithesis sate of mind.
The soft music was a balm for Billy's aching heart. To most people taking a warm bath while listing to jazz is balm.
The dispute between Mike and his brother has created a breach that can never be mended. Looking through Samantha's journal was a breach of her privacy.
Harold is always circumspect when speaking because he is afraid of saying the wrong thing. Micheal loves to circumspect antiques before finding out their value.
Nell's ranch was contiguous with the highway for five miles. The freeway was contiguous with the town for a few miles.
When the rail line became defunct, the old terminal was converted into a shopping mall. The product that the company produced was defunct.
Casey seems younger than he is because of his diminutive size. Though his size was diminutive he made up for it with determination and will power
Each time Becky tells the story of her victory, she embellishes it with some imaginary detail. The cookies were embelilshed with sugar toppings.
To avoid saying she was broke, Ellie used the euphemism "economically challenged." People who do not want offend people use euphemism.
The members swear fidelity to their leader, promising always to give her their loyalty and support. To show fidelity towards his skeptic mother he cooked an lovely dinner in bed
With his grizzled hair and stooped shoulders, Gregory looks much older than eighteen. The old man had a very grizzled hair color with wrinkles all over.
Thunder in the distance and sudden gusts of wind warned us that a storm was imminent. Their was a stone cold silence after hearing that death was imminent.
I kept getting "Go to jail!" In fact, I was incarcerated for more than half the Monopoly game. He was incarcerated for robbing of the eight federal banks in the united states

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