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Grammar and Composition Unit 1 Manuscript Form 7th grade

Grammar and Composition I Manuscript Form Rules for Unit 1
social titles always abbreviated when they appear before a name
Mrs. Mr. Dr.
True or False:
Abbreviating doctor is acceptable without a name.
Spell out the title
Fill in the blank.
Use abbreviations for scholastic degrees _____ a name.
Joe Smith, M.D.
Fill in the blank.
Use abbreviations Jr., Sr., after a full ____ .
True or False:
When using the abbreviations Jr., Sr., in the middle of a sentence.
a comma should be placed before and after the abbreviation.
The titles Reverend and Honorable may be abbreviated if _________ .
used with the full name
The titles Reverend and Honorable must be written out if preceded by the word ___ .
abbreviations used for time and date designations
A.M. (before noon), P.M. (after noon), M. (noon), A.D. (in the year of the Lord), and B.C. (before Christ)
Correct or Incorrect usage regarding time designation:
We left Louisville at 9 o'clock in the morning.
See Rule 1e, Unit 1, Using Manuscript Form.
abbreviation A.D. should
precede the year number
abbreviation B.C. should
follow the year number
True or False:
Abbreviations for well-known organizations are unacceptable.
See Rule 1f, Unit 1, Using Manuscript Form.
True or False:
It is now general practice to omit periods for abbreviations of organizations.
True or False:
Do not use symbols such as & or + as an abbreviation for and.
always spell out the word and
Fill in the blanks.
In nonscientific writing, spell out all numbers of ___ or ___ words.
one or two
If you are writing several like numbers, some of them only two words and some more than two, use _______ for all.
Correct or Incorrect:
We arrived at the museum at 2:00 P.M. and stayed for 3 hours.
The numbers are unlike, therefore the number 3 should be spelled out. See Rule 2b, Unit 1, Manuscript Form
True or False:
Do not begin a sentence with figures.
See Rule 2c, Unit 1, Manuscript Form
True or False:
Use figures to write out numbers like first, sixth, forty-second, and so on.
Numbers should be written out.
See Rule 2d, Unit 1, Manuscript Form
Names of numbered streets under ___ _______ are preferable written out.
one hundred
Year numbers and numbers referring to parts of a book are written as _______
(except at the beginning of a sentence) and do not affect the writing of other numbers in the sentence.