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The study of the earth.


East to West.


North to South.

Natural Rescources

Materials that humans can take from the environment to survive and satisfy their needs. Natural Rescources cannot be replaced once used. (Examples: oil, books, wood, fire, water.)


Bring water to dry lands.


Map maker.

Map Projections

Ways of drawing the earth on a flat surface.

Thematic Map

Maps that deal with specific topics. (For Example: Political map or population map.)


The height above sea level.


Gradual wearing away of land.


The conditions of the earth's atmosphere over a short period of time.


The average weather of a place, over a period of 20-30 years ( long term).


Water that falls in the form of rain, hail or snow.


Is the height of the land, above sea level.


A narrow strip of land connecting 2 larger land areas.


A smaller river or stream, that flows to a larger river or stream.

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