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granules extruded from the keratinocytes prevent water loss by diffusion thru the epidermis
fibers in the dermis are produced by this
sebaceous glands
glands that respond to rising androgen levels
epidermal dendritic
phagocytic cells that occupy the epidermis
Merkel cells, tactile
unique touch receptor formed from a stratum basale cell and a nerve fiber
stratum lucidum
what layer is present in thick skin, but not in thin
cell-to-cell structures hold together the cells of the stratum spinosum tightly together.
Vitamin D
manufactured in the skin, plays a role in calcium absoption everywhere else in the body
loop, arch, and whorl are the fingerprint patterns
name three fingerprint patterns
the nervous system
what organ system contorls the activity of the eccrine sweat glands
Free nerve endings (pain receptors)
Pacinian corpuscle (deep pressure receptor)
Root hair plexus (hair follicle receptor)
list the sensory receptors found in the dermis of the skin?
composed of epithelium
composed of connective tissue
adipose layer beneath dermis
keratinocytes, melanocytes, langerhans cell, merkel cells
what are the 4 cell types of the epidermis
reticular and papillary
what are the two layers of the dermis
sebaceous and sudoriferous (apocrine and eccrine)
what are the 2 types of cutaneous glands