What forensic evidence do identical twins share?
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What kit is important for a CSI team to bring to every crime scene?fingerprint kitA CSI team found evidence that suggests a man named Walter is hiding a murder weapon in his home. How can the CSI team find out if the murder weapon is in Walter's home?Obtain a warrant and then search the homeA CSI team discovers a bullet in a wall near where a murder occurred. The team also finds a firearm 20 feet from the scene. How can the team determine if the bullet came from the firearm?ballistic reportA body was found burnt in a bed. The CSI team found clues to suggest that a fire was set on purpose. Which of these clues would indicate purposeful arson?flammable liquidIn 1973, a CSI team found evidence in a case that lead to the conviction of Joey for murder. In 2009, Joey requested a thorough test of all physical evidence from his case, which lead to his exoneration. What specific testing, which did not exist in 1973, likely proved him innocent in 2009?dna testingIs it possible to find deleted files on a computer of a suspect?yesWhich of the following methods can help determine how long a body has been dead?rigor mortisA CSI team finds blood on the tire of a vehicle in a public parking lot. Can the team legally search the vehicle for more evidence?NOWhat is the name given to the study of fingerprints?DactyloscopyWhat causes fingerprints to be left behind when we touch things?oils on the skinWhich of the following is NOT one of the three basic types of fingerprint patterns?sprialsAt what age do human beings acquire fingerprints?at three month's gestationWhich of the following statements about fingerprints is NOT true?Fingerprints are no more similar between family members than they are between strangersWhich animal is said to have fingerprints virtually indistinguishable from those of human beings?koalaWhy is it usually impossible to obtain fingerprints from textiles such as fabric, clothing, and carpet?Because textiles are very absorbentWhat is the minimum number of matching points required to identify an unknown latent print?32In which country was the first case of a conviction based on fingerprint evidence?agentinaIn 1902, Henry (Harry) Jackson became the first person in the United Kingdom to be convicted on fingerprint evidence. What was his crime?burglaryIn 1910, Thomas Jennings became the first person in the United States to be convicted on fingerprint evidence. What was his crime?murderWho was responsible for starting the first national fingerprint register in America in the 1920s?J. Edgar HooverWhich famous author was the first to utilize fingerprint evidence to solve a fictional crime?mark twainWhat does the term "forensic" mean?pertaining to the lawWhen two objects touch, there is a transfer of material from one to the other. This trace evidence is the basis of forensic science. What is the name of the concept?locard's principleForensic anthropology involves the retrieval and identification of human remains. A skeleton provides a lot of information about the deceased. Which of the following is not able to be deduced from a modern human skeleton?IntelligenceIf you know what to look for, you can tell a male from a female skeleton. Which of the following statements is not true?female pelvis is deeperForensic odontology involves the study of teeth. When old skeletons are found, the teeth are an important source of information. In such cases, which of the following statements is true?all three are trueWhen identifying victims of disasters, such as plane and train crashes, approximately 93 percent of identifications are made on the basis of which characteristic?dental recordsDNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the genetic material in our cells that controls heredity and plays a large role in determining our physical characteristics. Which of the following statements is NOT true?DNA can show a person's gender but not their age or raceWhich of the following observations would be a sure sign that a person is deceased?decapitationWhat is the name of the condition involving the body's temperature decreasing after an individual dies?Algor mortis