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Water portion of Earth; one of the traditional subdivisions of Earth's physical environment


Gaseous portion of a planet; the planets envelope of air; one of the traditional subdivisions of Earth's physical environment


Layer of Earth under both the atmosphere and the oceans; composed of the core, mantle and crust


All life on Earth; the parts of the solid Earth; hydrosphere and atmosphere in which living organisms can be found


Innermost layer of Earth; located beneath the mantle; is divided into an outer core and inner core


2890- kilometer thick layer of Earth located below the crust


Thin, rocky outer layer of Earth

Which of Earth's sphere's does a lake belong?


Which of Earth's sphere's does a meadow belong?


Which of Earth's sphere's does a canyon belong?


Which of Earth's sphere's does a cloud belong?


What are the three main parts of the geosphere?

Core, mantle and crust

Why is the solid Earth layered?

The different types of Earth's composition

The plate tectonic theory explains the exisistence and occurrence of what features?

- Earthquakes
- Volcanic eruptions
- Moving continents

What sort of energy allows tectonic plates to move?

Heat energy

Describe an example of how water moves through the hydrosphere

On a hot day, water evaporates, and the next day it rains

What sphere do you think are present on Venus?

The atmosphere and geosphere

Describe a situation in which two or more spheres are interracting

A volcano erupting. The wildlife, plants and animals are effected.
The animals - biosphere
Volcanic eruption - geosphere

Choose an Earth Science branch and list how some of it's studies relate to Earth's sphere's

meteorology deals with weather, and the atmosphere protects us from the sun

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