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AWS cloud notes

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Amazon S3 offers a range of object-level storage classes:

S3 __________- designed for high durability, availability, and performance object-storage for frequently access data. Appropriate for running cloud apps, websites, content distributions, mobile and gaming apps, and data analytics.

S3 __________-___________- designed to optimize costs by automatically moving data to the most cost-effective access tier.
For a small monitoring and automation fee per ____ in this class, objects will be moved is it has not been accessed for __ consecutive days to the _________ ______ tier

S3 ________-________ access- used for data that is accessed less frequently, but requires ______ _____ when needed.
Designed for high durability, throughput, and low latency.
Appropriate for long-term storage and backups, and data store.

S3 ___ ____-_______ access- for data accessed less frequently, but still needs _____ _____. Stores data in a single _______ ____ and cost less than S3 Standard-IA.
Works for those who want lower-cost for infrequently accessed data, but does not require the ________ and _____ of S3 Standard and Stadard-IA.
Good for storing secondary _______ or re-creatable data.

S3 ________- secure, durable and low-cost storage for data archiving.
uses 3 retrieval methods that range from minutes to hours.
Upload objects directly to Glacier or use S3 ______ policies to transfer data

S3 Glacier _____ _____ - lowest-cost storage class. supports long-term retention and digital preservation for data that may be accessed once or twice a year.
Designed for customers in _____ _______ industries like financial, healthcare services that need to retain datasets for 7-10 ____ to meet compliance requirements.
can be used for ______ and _____ ____ use cases.
Designed to provide 11 9s of durability.
Objects stored here are replicated and stored across at least 3 geographically dispersed _______ ________ and can be restored within __ hours.