The Industrial Age: Chpt. 19, Sec 1

1/14/15 SQ3R Vocabulary

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Why were technological advances important?
boosted the second industrial revolution, made US the world's industrial leader
Why was Henry Bessemer important?
invented the Bessemer Process, improved steel manufacture rate, increased steel production
How did steel affect the railroads? (7)
cost of railroads lessened, production of railroads increased, design changed boosting passenger service, manufacturer's and farmer's goods were shipped faster (refrigerated cars), cities with railroads grew in population, increased western growth with free tickets, high employment in industries related to the railroad
How was the Second Industrial Revolution characterized?
it was characterized by developments in use and distribution of oil and electricity
What were some changes during the 2ndIR?
communication, oil as power, electricity spreads, automobiles, airplanes
How did oil become a power source?
chemists invented a way to turn unprocessed oil into kerosene
What were some effects of the discovery of oil as power?
invention of pumping oil from the ground, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia become drilling grounds, oil companies build refineries
Why was Edward L. Drake important?
he created a new way to get oil by pumping it from the ground
How did electricity become a power source?
Thomas Edison invented practical electric lightbulb
What were effects of the discovery of electricity as a power source?
power plants were first invented to supply electricity to near places, power system is later built that sends electricity across many miles
What did Thomas Edison invent?
the practical, electric lightbulb and short distance power plants
What did George Westinghouse invent?
power system that sends electricity across many mile
What inventions fixed communication?
telegraph wire, telephone
What inventions fixed transportation?
cars, assembly line, airplane
Why was Alexander Graham Bell important?
invented the telephone, 55,000 telephones in US, improved communication
What was the effect of automobiles and planes?
improved transportation
Why were Charles + J. Frank Duryea important?
built first practical motorcar in US for wealthy people
Why was Henry Ford important?
made cars using assembly line so they were now more affordable
Why were Wilbur and Orville Wright important?
made the first piloted flight in a gas-powered engine
Why was oil important?
lead to light, telephones, cars, and airplanes!
What was the Bessemer Process?
Henry Bessemer's invention that made changing iron into ore for steel faster, making steel cheaper
Second Industrial Revolution
a period of rapid growth in US manufacturing in the late 1800s
communication in 1866:
telegraph technology connects the US with Britain by cable
What were the steps in the automobile industry?
german engineer invented gasoline powered engine, US builds first practical motorcar, Henry Ford produced Model-T cars using assembly line
Why was the Statue of Liberty given to America?
France wanted to celebrate the centenary of the Declaration of Independence
How did Pulitzer raise money to construct the Statue of Liberty?
through encouraging people to give money in his newspaper
What is the Statue of Liberty's official name
Liberty Enlightening the World
How many immigrants came to the US through way of New York/Ellis Island?
more than 12 million
Who is Andrew Carnegie?
an Irish millionaire
Why is Carnegie important to America?
used Bessemer process and built the biggest steel plant
What is "walking the steel"?
when you walk on skyscraper
What are the nicknames of the workers and their meanings?
snakes are new guys and roughnecks are older and did most of the building
How many roughnecks die on the job?
Which invention, besides producible steel helped cities to grow?
the elevator, invented by Mr.Otis
How did the Bessemer process affect industry in the US?
It helped increase steel production, which caused steel prices to drop. Lower steel prices led to more railroads and increased steel production. More high rises were built!
What were some of the uses of kerosene
Cooking, heating and lighting
What problems did Thomas Edison face regarding the use of electricity?
Few businesses and homes could get electricity. He built a power plant.
What effect did competition have on the use of electricity?
Westinghouse and Edison competed to build improved power system, which led to the rapid spread of electricity.
What advances were made in communication and transportation?
The telegraph connected the US and Britain. The telephone was invented and became more affordable, Henry Ford made the Model-T more affordable and the first piloted flight n a gas-powered airplane.
How did telephones improve communication?
They allowed people to communicate by voice over long distance.
How do you think telephones and automobiles changed the lives of people who used them?
They made life easier because people could communicate over long distances and travel from place to place quickly.