12 terms

Bio chp 26 (13-25)

What are prokaryotes modes of locomotion?
gliding, flagella, corkscrew like motion
What are prokaryote's forms of communication?
density-sensing technique, bioluminescence
obligate anaerobes
oxygen is toxic to them
facultative anaerobes
can use oxygen when it is present
aeroteolerant anaerobes
use anaerobic metabolism but can tolerate oxygen
obligate aerobes
can not survive without oxygen
What are prokaryote's four nutritional categories
photoautotrophs, photohetrotrophs, chemolithotrophs, chemoheterotrophs
What are the five major goups of bacteria?
spirochetes, chlamydias, cyanobacteria, proteobacteria, archaea
preform photosynthesis, use light as energy source, use carbon dioxide as carbon source
use light as energy source, get organic compounds from other organisms as carbon source
oxidize inorganic substances for energy source, use some of that energy to fix Carbon dioxide for carbon source
obtain both energy and carbon atoms from organic compounds that have been synthesized by other organisms