Vocabulary Power Plus for the New SAT Book IV — Lesson One

15 terms by acob16

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n. any long, repetitive, or dull recital


n. everyday language


v. to dry out; to remove moisture
syn: dehydrate
ant: moisten; dampen


n. a suspension of activity; an authorized delay
syn: postponement; cessation
ant: rush; continuation


adj. occurring or seeming to occur everywhere; omnipresent
syn: universal
ant: nonexistant


adj. mournful; gloomy
syn: sombet; depressing
ant: joyful


n. composure; calmness
syn: sangfold; poise
ant: anxiety; agitation


adj. full; abundant
syn: abounding; rife
ant: lacking; empty


v. to shorten
syn: abridge; abbreviate
ant: lengthen; increase


adj: causing mental or physical pain
syn: distressing; agonizing
ant: pleasant; comforting


adj. suitable for cultivation of land
syn: fecund; fertile
ant: barren; infertile


adj. fragile; easy to break
syn: delicate; breakable
ant: sturdy; strong


n. rapport and goodwill
syn: friendship; amity
ant: enmity; hostility


adj. fervent; fanatical
syn: pssionate; enthusiastic
ant: uninterested; indifferent


adj. tiresome and long; seemingly endless
syn: tedious
ant: fleeting; limited

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