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Menu of Sinju restaurant


Cold Appetizer: lightly boiled, salted soybeans

Seaweed Salad

Cold Appetizer: Seaweed with special sauce and sesame seeds

Seared Albacore Salad

Cold Appetizer: Seared albacore tuna over sliced radish and seaweed

Tako Sunomono

Cold Appetizer: Octopus, cucumber and seaweed, in vinegar sauce

Ebi Sunomono

Cold Appetizer: Cucumber salad in vinegar dressing with tako, ebi, or salmon skin

Yakko Tofu

Cold Appetizer: Cold tofu, special dipping sauce, with bonito relish and green onions

Ahi Tower

Cold Appetizer: Tuna tartar in sesame oil base over crab and creamy wasabi sauce, avocado salad, resting on bed of sushi rice

Hamachi Sashimi

Cold Appetizers: 6 slices of fresh, raw yellow tail tuna

Maguro Sashimi

Cold Appetizers: 6 slices of fresh, raw tuna

Yellow Tail Heaven

Cold Appetizers: Mixed baby greens with hamachi, jalapeno and cilantro, sprinkled with miso dressing

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